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Are You Dealing with Stress Incontinence?

Does sneezing, coughing, or laughing cause you to “leak”? This issue is a form of urinary incontinence known as stress incontinence. While this issue can be embarrassing, it is actually quite common in women of various ages. Stress incontinence occurs as a result of the weakening of the vaginal muscles. The vaginal muscles can become

IvyGene Test for Cancer

A new noninvasive blood test uses advanced DNA sequencing methods to  confirm and detect the presence of cancer when other cancer screens show the possible presence of a cancer.  Common cancers (breast, colon, liver and lung) can be detected with the test which can supplement other tests. If positive, further follow-up diagnostic and screening tests

What Is Transconjunctival Lower-Eyelid Blepharoplasty?

Transconjunctival lower-eyelid blepharoplasty is a technique used to rejuvenate a patient’s lower eyelids when they are sagging or bulging. Unlike other lower-eyelid surgery options, this technique does not require the use of any external incisions, which means no post-surgical marks will be visible once you have fully healed. The lower eyelid is first carefully retracted

What Can Facial Fillers Do for Me?

Facial fillers are one of the best options for easy, quick, and relatively pain-free facial rejuvenation. There are a wide variety of facial fillers available that can be used to address multiple aesthetic flaws with ease. Facial fillers are an excellent option for treating lines, wrinkles, and folds of varying severity. Facial fillers can also

Dr. True Lectures at the AACS Conference about Labiaplasty

At the 2018 American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Dr. Robert True gave a lecture on his technique of performing a labiaplasty. Called the True Labiaplasty, he developed the technique to help give women a better aesthetic result when doing labiaplasty procedure. Sometimes other techniques do not result in a natural appearance of the labia,