Most people come to my office complaining that they just can’t seem to lose their extra weight. Most have tried reducing the amount of foods they eat but end up starving themselves and, even worse, they didn’t lose any weight. Some are frustrated because they are exercising every day but the weight just won’t come off. I call it, they just can’t get off that weight-loss plateau.

If you are having the same or similar problems, I have the answer to your dilemma. I believe that most people can’t lose weight because their metabolism is stuck in doing the same old same old thing. In other words, the way your body looks at itself is the problem. Your body just doesn’t want to change into a fat-burning mode because it likes to keep you just where you are. It likes to be on that plateau.

Your metabolism is basically the functions of your body, including the way you use fuel for your daily metabolic needs. Most people eat way too many carbs, such as breads, pastas, cereals, rice and potatoes. Their bodies are therefore accustomed to using carbs for their fuel. In addition, most people eat way too much food. They don’t exercise enough or participate in vigorous activities too. The result is they get overweight. If you’re in this group and you want to lose weight for whatever reason, we have the answer to your problem.

However, before we discuss this answer, there are a few other medical problems that we must evaluate. If you have hormonal issues, whether they are thyroid, menopause, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, or other hormonal issues, we should straighten those out too. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, we need to evaluate your status here; although you can still do the same solution to the problem of weight gain as others. In fact, our solution may save your life because of the metabolic changes that happen when you do our diet program.

So, what do you do? You first change your metabolism. We want your body to be forced to pull calories from your fat cells so you lose weight while keeping your energy level at least as high as you want, if not higher. Then, once you’ve lost all the weight you want, we help you keep it there by continually maintaining your body in the right metabolic state.

So, what is that metabolic state? It’s called a fat-burning mode. We get you there with our weight-loss program called The True Diet. First, we recruit the assistance of a hormone called A Special Medication (human chorionic gonadotropin), the pregnancy hormone. We want to “trick” your body into thinking it’s pregnant. We initially put you on a 500 calorie a day program and start teaching you how to eat right.

“WHOOAAOO! Did YOU say 500 calories per day?” And, yes, I did. But don’t worry. You will be amazed at how good you’ll feel, and the weight will just fall off. Most people lost 20 to 30 pounds per three-month course of the diet program. “So, how does this work?” you might ask.

You may have had experiences with very low-calorie diets, like eating 500 calories a day. You most likely were starving, the weight stayed on you, and you just abandoned that idea thinking, “this is just not working!”. That’s because, without A Special Medication, your body goes into a type of metabolism called conservation mode. It wants to conserve the foods and nutrition you’re eating because you’re in starvation mode.

What happened to the caveman when he started starving? His body went into conservation mode for survival. It had to store any energy he had in his fat cells when he ate well, but when he starved, his body had to conserve the fuel stored in his body. Very efficiently, when needed he used as little fuel as possible, so he could survive until the next meal, which by the way was most likely an animal whose meat had lots of fat.

Your DNA is patterned after your ancestral caveman. Thus, your body will go through the same metabolic changes as he did: conserving your energy stores. The result is you starve, don’t lose the weight (you’re conserving the stored fat food), and you don’t lose the weight.

But what about the pregnant cavewoman? Now, she had to have a different metabolism during pregnancy, and that was created by A Special Medication. A Special Medication is a hormone, and just like so many other hormones, it has a multitude of actions to signal other tissues to react in a certain way. When a woman is pregnant, evolution made her metabolism favor the unborn baby for survival. Luckily for us; if it didn’t, we’d be probably all be extinct eons ago.

During starvation times, the pregnant cavewoman continued to nourish and to keep her unborn baby alive because of the natural change in her metabolism to feed the baby. We thus use this powerful hormone to change your metabolism into a fat burning mode with this hormone. Basically, it’s forcing your body to pull the calories from your fat to feed a baby it thinks it has. Of course, there’s no baby, but the calories are coming into your blood stream. So, YOU get to use those calories, and you feel fine, yet you’re only eating 500 calories a day.

Thus, for the first 6 weeks of our 12-week program, you are basically doing a modified fast, and the weight starts coming off. Is a modified fast good for you? There are many studies that have shown many health benefits from fasting if you’re overweight. Your body’s level of inflammation decreases and there’s protection for your heart and your brain with these types of diets resulting in less heart disease and neurological diseases. So, YES, they are safe.

We see this all the time with our patients who do our program. They feel great, their fat starts to shed and they lose weight. At the same time, they become more alert, their appetite soon increases, and they stay active and healthy while their body’s metabolism changes. They do this for the first six weeks of the program, but then we keep them in that fat-burning mode through another modality, which also improves their health.

This next fat-burning mode called ketosis. Most are already in ketosis at this time, but we want to keep them in this mode, so they utilize fat for their fuel instead of carbohydrates. If they do this, they keep losing weight, and can maintain the weight loss after the 3-month program has ended.

However, we want this ketosis to be the most optimal for your health. One of the diets that has been proven to give you the best cardiovascular and brain protection is the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, we combine this diet with a ketogenic diet to not only help you lose weight, but also to improve your health. We call this our Keto-Medi diet.

But we don’t want you to just stop doing the Keto-Medi diet at the end of the three months. Once you’ve lost the weight, you need to do a maintenance program to keep that weight off. Thus, we recommend you do our long-term maintenance program. In this program, we utilize another proven dietary modality that helps you keep the weight off called a modified fasting diet. This is also easy to do and involves further dietary instructions and our own proprietary method of helping you maintain your weight-loss goals. During this weight loss program you simply come see us every two weeks and we help you stay on that fat-burning healthier diet mode.

If you’re interested in our program, call us and we can get you started. Don’t just give up on losing your weight. If you stay overweight, you may get those terrible age-related obesity-related medical problems such as diabetes, worsening risks for heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers and joint problems. Come see how we can help you to overcome your weight-loss plateau.