Hormone therapy has been shown by many studies to be very beneficial for improving a woman’s and a man’s sexual performance, libido, and satisfaction.  In my practice, I have many women who complain, that they have concerns about sex or libido, i.e. a decrease in sexual desire.  Many have very low levels of sex hormones.  Without hormones, sex goes out the door and is noticeably decreased most of the time.

We all want to have a good sex life as we grow older, and why not do it.  Having a good sex life away into your later years has been associated with an increase in longevity.  Starting around in your fifty’s women start to enter menopause and men andropause.  During these times your levels of hormones, i.e.  Estrogen and testosterone, are reduced markedly and may continue do to decrease every year of your life.  Your ability to have a good sex life really is dependent on the levels of your hormones. Replenishing your hormones to more youthful levels gives you a better opportunity to enjoy a good sexual life as you get older.

Multiple studies have confirmed that hormone therapy can increase libido sexuality and well-being.  And in women sexual desire increases i.e. libido, and enjoyment of intercourse also increases.  When hormones are given to men, not only does libido increase but also performance increases. In addition, many times erectile dysfunction is improved.

In addition, many women who have had problems having orgasms can now enjoy the pleasure of orgasm after receiving hormone therapy.  Increase libido, orgasmic enhancement, and improved sexual enjoyment are particularly helped when the woman receives hormone replacement therapy.  In addition, they just feel so much more alive an alert. Not only is their mental acuity better but also their enjoyment of life and quality of life is boosted.

Hormone pellet therapy is probably one of the safest methods of administering hormone therapy.  There are no studies to suggest that this type of therapy, using Bio-Identical hormones, causes any increase risk in breast cancer or stroke.  In addition, starting hormone therapy early in menopause and or andropause can result in significant health benefits to the heart, the brain, and bones.

Another common complaint of women in the menopause is a vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to this vaginal dryness.  This is due to the lack of estrogen specifically to estrogen. Unfortunately, the lining of the vagina becomes very thin and without estrogen.  This thinning of the lining of the vagina is due to lack of estrogen.  And it makes it very difficult to have intercourse without pain and the vagina feels very dry.  In addition, sometimes women experience bleeding with each time they have intercourse. This is due to the trauma of the very thin lining of the vagina during intercourse.

Giving a woman hormone therapy replenishes the youthful appearance of the vagina, allowing the woman to have enjoyable sex without the pain or bleeding and without the atrophic effects one sees when estrogen is not present.

In conclusion, those women and men who have more libido or sexual lives, considered a hormone pellet therapy to improve their sex life and quality of life.  If you are concerned that you may have low hormone levels, command for a consultation and we can discuss how we can help you make sure you have adequate levels of sex hormones.

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