Suzanne Summers and Dr. True at Harvard

Suzanne Summers spoke last month at the Harvard Club of Boston with Dr. Robert L. True and others attending the meeting. She fielded questions from the audience in the photos. Suzanne is an advocate for improving one’s health through use of bioidentical hormone therapy, maintaining a good weight, and doing alternative health improving actions such as taking certain healthy supplements and having a good social and sexual life.

All these are concepts embraced by Dr. True and his group TrueMD Wellness. They are a growing network of physicians dedicated to improving people’s health and quality of life through hormone pellet therapy, weight-loss, nutritional supplements and other health improving modalities. Reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, staying social, staying active or exercising, and maintaining a good sex-life are all important too, as Suzanne discussed.

Suzanne focused on BHT (Bioidentical Hormone Therapy) as her life saver to improved quality of life. She suffered dreadfully from the symptoms of menopause, which she called the seven dwarfs of menopause: something like Itchy, Witchy, Sleepy, Sweaty, Dopey, Dumpy, Grumpy and All-dried-up. These would make any woman very uncomfortable. When she retells that when she got on BHT all these symptoms went away and she now lives a wonderful life, especially a great sex life with her husband of 40 years, whom she still loves and adores.

Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes (itchy), mood changes (witchy), fatigue (sleepy), night sweats (Sweaty), memory problems/foggy brain (Dopey), weight gain (dumpy), and vaginal dryness (All-dried-up) due to vaginal atrophy. She summed these up quite nicely.

She also mentioned that men, without hormones, are like “grumpy old men”. Which is true with many men who suffer from falling hormone levels as they get older. Putting them on BHT can change all these and help them in many ways, including improving their sex life.

TrueMD offers BHT through use of hormone pellets which are life-changers for many people suffering from low or unbalanced hormones. They relieve symptoms of hormone deficiencies, but also improve one’s sexual life, energy levels, and mental clarity. These are all symptoms of lack of hormones which no one should have to suffer from since they can be correctly so easily and safely.

Suzanne is passionate about people doing actions to improve their health. She said, you “are absolutely in control of your life.” “Why do you focus on what you don’t have, when you can focus on what you have?” We all have the same opportunities to live a healthy happy life, so we all should focus on this goal and not focus on the bad situations that come at us daily while we live our own individual wonderful life.

For instance, many people who are overweight feel they have lost control and just can’t seem to lose the weight. TrueMD offers programs to help patient’s focus on losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people have an added boost in their self-esteem and self-confidence when they do our programs. They feel good about themselves and feel they are now more in control of their life. TrueMD’s programs help people regain their control to change their life and metabolism to lose weight.

She mentioned to “use your negatives as your assets.” For example, when Danny DeVito said he was going to become an actor his mother told him, “honey, they don’t want people like you.” He was too short, dumpy, and had a nasty attitude. However, these negatives boosted him into being a great actor and he has done well.

Many people have a negative attitude towards using nutritional supplements to improve their health, yet these are assets easily available to them. If they would evaluate them with an open mind and not a preconceived negative attitude, they would understand that many supplements have a lot of data backing their use to improve their health. For instance, taking higher doses of Vitamin D results in higher blood levels of Vitamin D that have been associated with less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and many cancers, including breast cancers. TrueMD has a system of boosting your health through these.

Danny DeVito is a comedian, and Suzanne discussed the importance in laughter and feeling good. When we laugh, we express joy and relieve a lot of stress and tension in our lives. Laughter can indeed be the best medicine. We don’t necessarily need a bunch of drugs to improve our health. Sometimes improving our health can simply be done by maintaining a positive attitude yet having the courage to laugh about life and living life in happiness. She mentioned that laughter also helps in business, for if you can make someone laugh, he/she will be more likely to buy something from you.

Suzanne discussed maintaining good self-esteem, self-confidence and forgiveness as further concepts that will help people live a better life. If you have a grudge towards someone, get over it. “Forgiveness is the greatest gift you could give to yourself”. She discussed her abuses when she was a child but realized that she must forgive to live a happier life, which she did, and now lives a wonderful life because of it. And she suggests everyone do this if they are living a life of discontent because of someone or something.

When she was first starting in her career, Suzanne answered an ad for an actress who didn’t know who she was and didn’t know what she did. Circuitously she got a role on the Johnny Carson show through this ad, became famous and soon got to know herself. She suggests everyone should focus on “Who I am and What I do” as a proven mantra that drives their life and focuses them to keep them heading in the right direction for fulfillment of life. In addition, embrace every opportunity that comes your way; you never know what it may bring you.

Overall, Suzanne is a delight to hear. Her sayings and stories are a blessing to all of us and her anecdotes are healthy concepts that we should all embrace. She is a gem in a sea of discontent, but a gem that signs brightly who’s beacon we should all follow.