By Robert L. True, MD

I I have a dream. Do You? Dreams can be fun times in the sun or family evenings at dinner. Dreams can be vacations to far of places or just making short trips to nearby hamlets. Dreams can be successful at a business venture that you have a passion to doing to achieve success. Whatever your dream, you want to do it with laughter, fun, and passion, whatever you dream to get the most out of life.

Dreams may be any great actions that you dream you want to do. To fulfill your dreams, you must think about the process to get there. When you dream, to fulfill your dreams you need a roadmap or a path that takes you there and guides you towards the best possible way. You also need to be in good health to fulfill those dreams, and that is where TrueMD can help you.

Michael Gerber and Your Dreams

I recently met Michael Gerber when I was at a conference at Carnegie hall. Michael is a famous syndicated novelist who has written many books on self-help, especially for small businesses. He explained that achieving your dreams is a process that you must do, a process that may only be achieved by you deciding on your path, getting guidance on which path to take, changing your mindset to follow a sometimes different path than you originally were going, and working hard to realize the bonus of achieving your dream.

He mentioned several requirements for you. You need to think:

  1. I have a dream – What is it that you are passionate about, that you dream about doing?
  2. I have a vision – Have you visualized in your mind how you’re going to fulfill your passion?
  3. I have a purpose – Have you decided on your purpose in life that will maintain your passion?
  4. I have a mission – Do you have a plan and a direction that directs you toward fulfilling your goals?

These four steps can help you achieve success in attaining what you want in life. Whether it be a successful business or maintaining a healthy body; preferably both! You must have both: you can’t enjoy your wealth and your passions of life without good health. But what is more important, your health or your wealth? We believe that your health should always come first. You have a better opportunity to gain more wealth and enjoy the benefits of wealth if you have better health.

TrueMD and Your Dream

TrueMD Wellness has a process to help you achieve better health. When you see a TrueMD Affiliate, you are given a pathway to help you navigate your path so you are not only healthier as you grow alder and achieve business success, but you also can do it with better quality of life. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an hourly employee, we have the answers for preventive “medicine” that anyone can and should do.

Think of us as the vehicle that drives you through that path to get you there. Think of our programs as the process to help guide you along the path to get you there. Like a roadmap, we help you make your actions purposeful towards your goals, particularly for better health. We can help you with your mission to achieve a healthier, happier, and more active life.

The Truth about Better Health

We are talking about facing the cold hard truth that you must take action to be in control of not only your wealth success, but also of your health. Better health allows you to be more active with a sharper mind, better sex, and a more fit body so you can do more things. Our programs will help you invest in yourself, which will help you achieve these noble goals. But you must do the right things and we show you the path.

Medicine is not an exact science and is continuously evolving. What was right last decade may not be the best “truth” this decade, according to the latest research. TrueMD has evaluated the research supporting new concepts for preventive care and only recommends therapies and concepts backed by these documented truths; new findings from new research that will change your mindset regarding protecting your body from developing chronic medical diseases.

These concepts include losing weight, but the old concepts of just calories in must be less that calories out is just not the truth anymore. Although they are important, the truth now is that it is probably more important to change your metabolism and the way your body burns fat rather than just counting calories. Besides, who likes to count calories anyway? We help you to change your metabolism to a more fat-burning mode which not only helps you lose weight, but also does a plethora of other actions that help you be more alert, have a better heart, and reduce your risks of developing cancers without any potentially significant risks.

You may have been told many times that hormones are dangerous for you, that they increase your risks of cancer or stroke. New developments using the concepts of bioidentical hormone therapy, starting your therapy early, and staying on your hormone replacement have shown that the truth reveals the opposite.

Our dream is to help you attain better health through our proven research based concepts. Using these hormones do not increase your risks of developing these problems. Moreover, they improve your heart, your brain, your bones, your skin, and other organs. They help give you better energy, sharpen your mind and help you improve your sex drive too, whether you are a man or a woman. Losing weight through our programs does similar preventive medicine and adds on to these benefits. We want you to be able to live your life to the fullest, to stay active and have a good mind, to be happier and healthier as you grow older.

If you’re interested in going on this new path, talk to your doctor to help you. If he/she doesn’t have a process, a path to guide you to actively improving your health through these concepts, and doesn’t know about these new findings, have him/her contact TrueMD and we’ll teach him/her. We make it easy for you to do this: go to the bottom of our home page ( for a link to refer him to us. We’ll do the rest. And thank you for helping us help you achieve your Dream.