I just had a patient come see me complaining of suffering from “Hormone Belly”. She said for the last year, since she has started going through menopause, she has gained around 20 or more pounds of weight, yet has not changed her lifestyle one bit. She feels this is fat weight. Does this sound familiar to you?

My patient called it her “hormone belly” and this problem is a very common complaint of many patients. When a woman goes through menopause or is even around the age of beginning to go through menopause, many times she gains weight unexpectedly. For most people this is around age 45 to 50.

This is the time when the level of female hormones starts to dwindle. We’re talking about estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These are hormones that are secreted by your ovaries. Around this age, the ovaries begin to stop functioning and reduce their production of hormones. The result is a number of symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, fatigue, and sleep disturbances to name a few.

In addition, many women notice that, all of a sudden, they’ve gained a bunch of weight. This particularly true around the belly area. Men who go through andropause and have low testosterone see the same thing with enlarging belly fat. Unfortunately, this is the bad fat and reducing it is very important for your health.

Don’t suffer from Hormone Belly: Get on hormone therapy

The good thing is that you don’t have to suffer from all these symptoms, including Hormone Belly. All you have to do is see your doctor, such as TrueMD, and get on hormone therapy if you are going through menopause as a woman, or andropause as a man. We at TrueMD recommend a safer type of hormone therapy called bioidentical hormone therapy using pellets. In addition, both men and women love the way they feel on pellet therapy!

They feel more energetic and are more motivated to lose weight. They tend to want to exercise more and move more, improving muscle tone which in turn burns more fat. In addition, their libido is usually increased, and everyone wants better libido for an improved sex life.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) is considered safer than traditional oral hormone replacement therapy because there is no increased risk of breast or prostate cancer developing nor any increased risk of stroke when this type of hormone therapy is used vs traditional HRT. BHT does not utilize synthetic types of hormones, such as medroxyprogesterone. Instead they use only natural types of hormones, such as like all women have running in their bodies when they are young, in a transdermal mode, i.e. via pellets inserted through the skin into the fat.

If you suffer from “Hormone Belly”, consider seeing your doctor for evaluation to see if you are a candidate for hormone pellet therapy. If he/she does not do pellets, consider seeing us at TrueMD and we will help you on your journey to feeling good and reducing that hormone belly.