Awake Breast Augmentation Dallas | No Anesthesia Breast Augmentation

Awake Breast Augmentation Dallas

You may not want to be put to sleep to have your breast augmentation performed. Some women don’t like the effects of a general anesthetic, or are afraid of anesthesia, or may have some other personal reason. We do your breast augmentation and/or lift while you’re awake. Rest assured you will be comfortable while doing the procedure.

Have your breast augmented: asleep or awake. Your Choice!

Awake breast Augmentation is a smart choice because it is one of the safest anesthetic methods to augment or lift the breasts. We use mild sedation and then numb your breasts with a special anesthetic solution called tumescent fluid. However, if you are anxious about being awake during surgery, don’t fret. We also offer breast augmentation using deep sedation, i.e. while you’re asleep, if you prefer. We are accredited for both. We want to do what you want so we make it your choice.

Many advantages to the Awake Method

There are many advantages to the Awake method. You don’t have to have to have a general anesthetic nor do you have to recuperate from a general anesthetic. Thus there’s less nausea and vomiting associated with the procedure. You also avoid the many but rare potential problems that may occur with a general anesthetic, about which many people are concerned. There is less potential for infection and bleeding. Plus, downtime recovery is better

How is the awake breast aug procedure performed?

First, we give you mild sedation, then we numb the breasts with the anesthetic fluid. You might feel some injection “stings” during this process, but with the sedation, you are very comfortable. After the injections, you’re numb. Then we do the cosmetic breast surgery while you’re awake but with numb breasts. Most patients love the procedure and are happy they choose this route. In fact, some say why everyone doesn’t do it this way!

We have lots of happy satisfied patients!

Our patients are very happy and satisfied about having breast augmentation with us. Feel free to listen to some of our patients discuss the procedure, our staff, Dr. True, and how they liked the way they were treated at our office. They also discuss their concerns that they had regarding breast augmentation, and how their self-esteem was boosted because they have beautiful breasts now and they feel good about themselves. You can read more on our Comments page.

Before and after photos of our work.

View some of the beautiful results of patients who have had the Awake Breast Augmentation procedure. We empower women with choice, for they pick the type of implant and the size they want (within reasonable limits). We try to fit the implant to the measurements of each woman’s breasts’ anatomy so she can get the best results. (Photo is actual patient of TrueMD)

Dr. Robert L. True, specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body.

Dr. True is one of a very few physicians who offers Awake Breast Aug, performed in the privacy of his accredited facility. He is triple boarded, but specifically board certified in Cosmetic Surgery specializing in Breast and Body surgeries. He has the experience and expertise to give you the beautiful breasts that you want. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the consultation form above, or call us at 817-399-8783.

Frequently Asked Questions – Awake Breast Augmentation