What Are Your Incision Options for Breast Augmentation?

What Are Your Incision Options for Breast Augmentation?

There are several options for placement of breast implants. There are pros and cons to each. Ultimately, the choice is yours and your surgeon’s after a discussion of each. Here is a synopsis of the different types of incisions that you could do to have your breast augmentation.   Placement of the Scar There has

Know Your Heart Age

Ever wonder where you are with your fitness status? Knowing you heart age can go a long way into assessing your fitness status. Doing so early in life, say your 40’s is probably best so you can do something about potentially bad results early with lifestyle modifications. However, 60 is the new 40, so finding

Avocados: a Superfood

Delicious avocados are great foods for any diet, but they are particularly good for ketogenic diets. They are also present in Mediterranean diets. Both these diets have significant benefits when it comes to protecting your heart and your brain from age-related diseases. In addition, if you embrace the concepts in our diet, you can lose

Chia Seeds and Their Benefits

Chia seeds are the tiny black seeds from a plant that grows wild in Central and South Americas called Salvia hispanica. The plant is a member of the mint family. According to legend, ancient Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds as a source of energy. An ounce of chia seeds contains around 9 grams of

Can Eyelid Surgery Provide Natural-Looking Results?

Your eyes are one of the most important features when it comes to your overall look. This is why blepharoplasty is so popular. Sagging upper eyelids can make you look worn out and aged, which detracts from the natural beauty of your face. Upper blepharoplasty corrects sagging upper eyelids and more. One of the main

 Sugar-Free Pop: Does it Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight can be tough because you need to reduce your calories to do this. This can be a problem for some people who love their sweet drinks, so they go to drinking artificially sweetened sodas. Unfortunately, these may not really benefit many people who are losing weight and may even worsen their efforts. In

How Hormones Can Affect Your Memory

Many of my patients complain of problems remembering things. This can be caused by many things. But you can improve your memory many ways. Certainly, using your brain regularly, i.e. reading, doing puzzles, learning a new language, etc. does help. As they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Plus you need to

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: The ARIC study

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the most feared chronic medical problems that we may face as we get older. Not being able to remember things, even simple things, or other people is disappointing to everyone, including the loved ones that the AD patient has known for years. This is stressful and frustrating to both

The Power of Fractional C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing is an incredibly powerful and effective procedure that can provide a number of benefits for your skin, ranging from anti-aging to the reduction of the appearance of scars on the body. At TrueMD, we offer amazing skin rejuvenation treatments using fractional C02 laser technology. Fractional C02 laser skin resurfacing is

High Fat Diets and Heart Disease

What’s the best diet for you to eat? High-fat or low-fat? There is so much information about these suggesting one is better than the other, you may be confused regarding which one is better. I don’t blame you! But let me see if I can clear the air a bit by giving you some information