Recovering from Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Recovering from Your Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift has provided countless people with the round, full, and attractive-looking buttocks that they have always wanted. If you are interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift, here is a bit of information on what to expect during the recovery. The recovery period for a Brazilian butt lift can be a bit

Will My Facelift Be Painful?

Having a basic idea of what to expect after your facelift procedure can make the recovery period much easier to handle. It is important that you understand that surgery will produce some discomfort, but following the post-operative instructions provided to you will ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. You can expect to

A Great Treatment for Improving Your Skin

There are a lot of amazing skin procedures out there that a lot of people haven’t heard of. Microneedling is an excellent example. This skin-rejuvenation treatment offers a lot of benefits. Microneedling can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture, reduce pore size, and reduce oil levels in the

The Benefits of Microneedling

Have you heard of microneedling? This cutting-edge skin-rejuvenation treatment is growing in popularity and provides a number of benefits. Microneedling can treat: Hyperpigmentation Scarring Fine lines Wrinkles Rough skin texture Microneedling is performed using a special pen-like device that contains a cluster of very fine needles. The needles oscillate at a fast face and make

Need a Quick Way to Get Your Body Bikini-Ready?

Is there a stubborn pocket of fat on your stomach that just won’t respond to dieting and exercise, no matter how hard you try? With summer approaching fast, you’re going to need a quick and effective way to get rid of your excess stomach fat so you can be ready to hit the beach. SmartLipo

Bothered by Your Thinning Hair?

Some men really struggle with losing their hair. Even men who are in great shape can feel incredibly self-conscious about their thinning hair or their noticeable bald spot. At TrueMD, we know how important having a full head of hair is for some men. That is why we offer multiple options for hair restoration. Our

The Amazing Benefits of SmartLipo

Liposuction has remained one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because of its status as a proven and highly effective option for precise body-fat reduction. However, the liposuction procedure can still be improved upon. Thanks to advancements in the technology used to perform liposuction, the procedure is now capable of providing even better results. SmartLipo

Bothered by the Sagging Appearance of Your Lower Buttocks?

Is your lower buttocks starting to sag and ruining the beauty of your figure? At True MD, we have the perfect procedure for restoring the attractive shape of your butt. We offer a lower-buttocks lift, a more focused type of butt lift that can easily be used to treat a sagging bottom. The procedure will

Addressing Sagging Upper-Arm Skin

Excess sagging arm skin can be a surprisingly noticeable issue. It can be difficult to hide that excess skin in your sleeves, and wearing short-sleeve shirts may be out of the question. If the problem becomes severe, you may even develop the bat-wing look due to the extent of the sagging. The arm-lift procedure can

Laser Hair Removal: A Great Way to Get Bikini Ready

Laser hair-removal treatments are the perfect option for getting your body bikini ready, but that doesn’t mean you can schedule your treatment the day before your beach trip and have silky smooth skin by the time you hit the sand. It takes multiple sessions to fully target the hairs in the area of the body