It seems like everyone is using Botox now for wrinkles. In fact, it is the number one cosmetic procedure performed in the United States today. So what is all the talk about and why are so many people wanting Botox.

We live in an age where people don’t want to show their age. Every day, advertisement for some type of “Anti-aging” concept crosses our eyes. This doesn’t mean that these therapies stop the aging process, it concerns the methods anyone can use to stop some of the damaging effects of aging, to decrease some of the changes on our face that make us look “aged”, and to decrease medical problems through preventive care. Today, let’s focus on the skin.

There are certain characteristics the make a person’s face look older. These aging changes include the formation of wrinkles and the loss of volume below the skin. Wrinkles form via several mechanisms. One is the contraction of facial muscles, especially prevalent in and around the forehead area. These are the wrinkles that Botox can help the most.

Botox is an injectable medication that relaxes these facial muscles that cause these types of wrinkles. Botox is a refined and precisely measured compound called Botulinum Toxin. If taken in large doses, it is fatal. However, when diluted to miniscule doses and injected precisely, it can relax muscles to smooth out wrinkles and also to “sculpt” the face and neck.

But only wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions are affected. These muscles move the face to give us facial expressions. These “skin-muscles” are only located in the face. They give our faces expression and communication abilities with or without speech. When the repeat motion of these muscles pulls the skin excessively, a wrinkle forms. After years of repeated motion, these wrinkles or lines can become permanent. However, when the muscles are injected with Botox, the muscles relax, stop pulling, and the wrinkles disappear. The nice thing about Botox is, when performed correctly, the wrinkles disappear but we still can maintain expression of our face.

The lines and wrinkles of facial expression that are treated most frequently with Botox include the following:

Worry Lines – the wrinkles that run side to side across one’s forehead that worsen with concerned thinking.

Crow’s Feet -the lines to the sides of the eyes that worsen with intense smiling.

Frown Lines – the deep creases that run up and down between the eyes that worsen when you’re saddened.

Bunny Lines – the “wrinkled nose” look some people get when they smile hard.

Lip Lines – the wrinkles around the mouth, worsened when one purses the lips.

Marionette Lines – the lines that run from the corners of the mouth downward that pull the mouth down when one is angry or sad.

To treat the entire forehead area, generally around 50 units of Botox is needed. Individual areas can also be treated with lesser amounts, but the best result is with adequate dosing. Treatment around the mouth can be tricky, and usually small amounts of Botox are used, and the results titrated, necessitating more than one treatment to achieve the desired result.

The Botox in given via injections. I use a very tiny needle to inject that most people say feels like a slight pin prick. Ice packs can also be applied before the injections to numb the skin. Ice also decreases the slight bruising that can occur. Most patients are amazed at the difference of less pain from when they received Botox from other offices.

The cost of Botox varies tremendously. Nationally, Botox injections cost $20.00 per unit. We charge around $14 per unit normally, but we run specials on Botox regularly so keep checking our Blog and newsletters regularly to take advantage of these specials.

The results of Botox are amazing. Most people see a very noticeable flattening and smoothing of the treated wrinkles. The effect of Botox is not immediate; it usually peaks in 7 days, and most people see the difference within 2 weeks. The effects of Botox last around three months. Thus, repeat treatments are recommended every three months.

Sometimes, people don’t see the results they desire. This can be from several reasons. They may have very strong muscles causing the wrinkles, thus they need more Botox than normal to relax the muscle. Their skin may have scarred in a wrinkled fashion and no amount of muscle relaxation can smooth out this scar formation; they need facial fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse to help them.

Side effects from Botox are rare, and the incidence is said to be around 2%. The more common potential side effects include headache, flu-like sensation, nausea, and temporary eyelid droop. Eyelid droop is caused if Botox is injected too low in the forehead or too far below the eye. These go away, but sometimes they persist for the time the Botox is effective.

There are several added benefits of Botox besides wrinkle control. Injected in the forehead, many people notice a reduction in headaches. In fact, many people who suffer from disabling migraine or muscle tension headaches are relieved and can live a more normal life.

The smile can be altered by placing the Botox in strategic locations around the mouth. One can decrease the excessive gum smile and one can create a more turned up outer lip by precise injections of Botox. In addition, many people who suffer from excessive sweating can be helped with high doses of Botox.

Because Botox must be injected precisely, only a trained medical professional should be performing these injections. At my office, I always perform the injections. The patient thus is assured that the physician performs the procedure. One should be careful if they go to spas and other health centers where a non-physician performs the injections.

At my office, we like to create a fun experience from Botox injections. In addition, to help defray the high costs of Botox, we offer Botox parties to those who have friends who also want Botox. Call our office for details if you’re interested.

To learn more about Botox, you can go to the Botox website, . You can even upload a photo of your face and see how you would look when you are treated with Botox ( ). You can also call our office for more information, to book a consultation, or to receive a treatment of Botox.



Many women start noticing lip wrinkles and thinner, less full lips in their 30’s. Unfortunately, this cosmetic problem usually continues to worsen over time as part of the “aging process”, to the dismay of many women. Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem that will help you enhance your lips to a more beautiful state.

Lip augmentation is performed by using facial fillers. I usually use Juvederm because it is clear and can fill thin lines and outline the borders of the lips in a thin line. It can plump up the lips and smooth the lip lines and wrinkles to create young full lips. Thus it can reverse the changes that age can inflict on the lips.

Before augmenting the lips, I like to anesthetize the lip so the procedure does not hurt. A very thin line of filler is then placed along the border of the lips where the lips meet the skin (also called the vermillion border). The filler thus turns the pink portion of the upper lip upward, lessening the distance from the pink lip to the nose. In addition, this pushes the lower lip outward, creating a more cosmetically appealing and plumper lower lip. Once outlined, the filler is injected further within the lips to plump them up, according to the woman’s desires, and create the young full lip.

However, overfilling is not a good idea, in my opinion. This creates what some people would call “duck lips” and is not very appealing. However, some people like this and I can do this if they like. My usual preference is to us a technique that enhances and beautifies the lips, rather than just makes them larger.

Using fillers is a nonsurgical method of enhancing the lips. It is performed in our office using only a local anesthetic. After the injection, we recommend putting ice packs on the area for one to two days, to decrease the swelling and bruising. Another method to decrease bruising is to take Arnica tablets every few hours.

The lips are not only made fuller, but they are sculptured to give them a more beautiful look. Cupid’s bow is enhanced, which is the part of the upper lip in the middle of the lip that is curved. Age tends to flatten this and age tends to give us the wrinkles and flattened look of the lips over time. Pursing the lips and smoking worsens these problems. Â Lip Augmentation helps reverse these effects.

There are also surgical options for enhancing the lips. These include fat injections, lip implants, and lip surgery.

Fat injections are performed by first harvesting some fat from another body area such as the inner thighs or the love handles. The fat is treated and then injected into the lips to plump and fill them. Fat injection works well but there is prolonged swelling and worse bruising following this method. Multiple injections are necessary to produce an adequate effect since 50% of the fat will dissolve. It can take three to six months for the final result to be seen,

Lip implants are small, soft and pliable tubes of flexible plastic-like material that look like small long balloons. The results of lip augmentation with lip implants can be excellent and are permanent, unlike fillers. However, implants pose a risk of rejection by the body. If rejection occurs, the implants need to be removed and significant scarring and deformity can result.

A third surgical procedure is called a lip lift. With this surgery, small flaps of the mucosa (pink tissue in the mouth) are bunched to push the lip outward and up. The procedure is done on the inside of the upper lip so no visible scar is seen. Results can be excellent and the lack of a visible scar is important.

In today’s world, full looking, plump lips are considered an ideal component of facial beauty. Many women pattern their concepts of beauty on certain movie stars, such as Angelina Jolie, who have naturally large, shapely and beautiful lips. Many women want to emulate this beauty and thus we see the popularity of doing lip augmentation.

To learn more about lip augmentation and lip enhancement, call our office or request information on our Contact Us page. Read our free newsletter to learn more about new aesthetic treatments to improve and rejuvenate your face and body contour, and health promoting ideas to improve your quality of life. We strive to help you look beautiful both inside and out.



We have moved to Colleyville! Our new office is fully built and ready to be in service for you.

Our New Office

Our New Office

Located next to Heritage High School, the building is very easy to drive to. Just take the Glade exit off of either 121 or 360, turn west, drive a very short distance to Heritage Avenue and turn right. We are within a block of this intersection located on the right hand side of Heritage Ave. as you travel north. You can’t miss us for we have a sign in front that says: Robert L. True, MD Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery and Gynecology.

Our New Office still offer all gynecologic services, just as I did before. These include yearly well woman exams, pap smears, blood work, etc. I continue to be an advocate of improving a woman’s quality of life and boosting her health through concepts proven to work. I continue to offer traditional gynecologic surgeries, but I also offer a multitude of in-office procedures that allow women to take care of some medical issues but that decrease their downtime from work. These latter procedures include Essure Permanent Contraception and Her-Option Cryoablation to decrease heavy menses. You can still call me and make an appointment for evaluation of medical issues, just as you have in the past.

I still have about the same staff as I did in Arlington. They are here to assist you in any way they can. And, they are just as helpful, kind and courteous as they always have been. We want to create a comfortable and happy experience for you and your medical needs, and the golden rule is practiced to its fullest extent.Â

In addition to Gynecologic Services, we have added a multitude of cosmetic enhancement options to enhance your natural beauty. These include SmartLipo, liposuction, Awake Breast Aug and Bikini Tummy Tucks. This addition to our practice is called the True Aesthetics Center, and also includes facial enhancement services, skin and acne treatments, and hair reduction/removal options. Check my website for more information, or just call us.

You can even attend a meeting at our new location. I have a list of items I would like to discuss with patients, their friends and relatives and sometimes I just don’t have the time to discuss everything one on one. Therefore, I am offering monthly seminars on multiple topics during the evenings at our new facility. The schedule of events is listed on this blog; just hit the events button to check it out. Please RSVP and let us know that you are coming so we can make sure we have enough space for everyone. See you there

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Many women start noticing lip wrinkles and thinner, less full lips in their 30’s. Unfortunately, this cosmetic pro.



We have all heard the statement that regular screenings can help you avoid cancer. But is this really true or are the doctors just trying to drum up more business? The fact is, regular screening does reduce your risk of developing many kinds of cancer and the savings in cost to get the screening is much less than the cost if you were to get the cancer.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer for both men and women. Regular screens may prevent it or at least may pick it up at a very early stage. Â The simplest screen is a check of your stool for blood. I do these on almost everyone over age 50 who comes in for a well woman exam. If positive, the next screen is a colonoscopy.

There is no doubt that the incidence of colorectal cancer has declined thanks to colonoscopy which is the best method of early detection for colon cancer. Colonoscopy allows the doctor to look inside the colon, find a growth that might be premalignant and remove it immediately before it has a chance to grow and transform into a cancer of the colon.

Regular routine screening is important because 50% of people diagnosed with colon cancer have no symptoms. This is way all patients need the screen, even though they have no symptoms. The unfortunate part is, by the time symptoms such as gross blood in the stool, pain, frequent bloating, diarrhea or constipation are obvious, it may have already advanced and it may be too late to treat.

If you do see blood in your stool, you should have it evaluated immediately. Fortunately, most commonly, blood in the stool is caused by some other benign disorder, such as hemorrhoids or diverticulitis. However, one must always make sure that the problem is not a cancer of the colon.

Family history definitely plays a role in the development of colon cancer. It is considered a major risk factor. The average person has a 6% lifetime risk for colorectal cancer. If you have a first-degree relative, such as a parent or sibling, who is diagnosed with the cancer, your risk doubles from 12% to 15%.

The American cancer Society recommends a colonoscopy every 10 years beginning at age 50. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you should have them starting at age 40.

Many people ask about the virtual colonoscopy. Here, a tiny camera in a capsule is swallowed and records its journey through your stomach, intestines and colon. It is very time consuming and may be painful. In addition, if an abnormality is visualized by the camera, you still would need a colonoscopy to biopsy and determine if the lesion was benign or malignant. Therefore, you might just as well do the colonoscopy.

A colonoscopy does not generally hurt since most physicians perform the procedure while the patient is asleep or much sedated. It is an out patient procedure and very tolerable. Most people say the procedure was fine, but the preparation for the procedure was their biggest complaint. In order to see everything clearly in your colon, you must have a colon cleansing with special preparations, such as Go Litely. Although this is indeed an annoyance, when the physician tells you that you are cancer free, it is worth the discomfort and inconvenience.

There are certain lifestyle modifications that also can help prevent colon cancers from developing. Increasing your ingestion of fiber seems to help significantly, as does reducing your weight, avoiding excess fats in the diet, and exercising. Another action that women can do if possible is to continue taking their hormones postmenopausal. A recent article found that women on hormone replacement therapy can reduce their risk of developing colon cancer by over 60%. I like to discuss hormone therapy with women because I believe it can improve their health, as are discussions about the prevention of all cancers.

Colon cancer screens are just a part of the Well Woman Exams I do in my office. I try to screen for multiple different cancers during the exam to help my patients maintain health. If I can help them prevent a cancer, or help them get one treated early, I feel I have helped them to live longer and with an improved quality of life. If you would like to know more about the cancer screenings that I offer, call our office and make an appointment so we can discuss your options.



I, Dr. Robert L. True, pride myself is stating that my staff and I are leaders in women’s healthcare and we strive to provide what women want. Women want services that will help them become healthy and enhance their beauty. They want the most minimally invasive types of procedures performed, and have the least downtime possible. They want the best results possible and they want the least complications.

My friendly staff and I stand out in the Metroplex for providing our patients and our medical community with the latest advances and technology in Women’s health. We add a large dose of compassion and cheerfulness to medical care. Over the years our innovative spirit has nurtured and helped to develop ethical and modern medical standards in this fast growing medical area. We continue to excel in the specialty of women’s health with a commitment to improve our patients’ well being and to offer to women what they want.

The practice of medicine has changed over the years as new technologies and concepts have developed. As these new advances have become the standard, we have incorporated them into our practice to improve the health care of our patients. Coincidentally, these new advances happen to be the one that women want. I always strive to support the safest and best concepts that improve the healthcare of women and to them get what they want. Here are the philosophies to which I gear my practice.

  • Advocate for safety while improving women’s physical image.

  • Advocate for new, improved and safer surgical techniques

  • Advocate for improving women’s health and anti-aging.

  • Advocate for better quality of life through hormonal therapy.

  • Advocate for excellence through experience.

Through my blog, I would like to discuss each of these topics further in a series to help organize this better. Today, I would like to discuss the concepts I utilize as an advocate for providing the safest procedures while improving a woman’s physical image.


During my residency in 1986, I learned how to perform liposuction in a safe manner using a special technique called the “wet technique”. I was the first OB-GYN physician in the mid-cities area to offer liposuction to my patients for body contouring starting in 1986. Although this was considered safer than prior types of liposuction, a newer and safer technique of performing the procedure was developed. Called tumescent liposuction, this new technology allowed us to perform the liposuction procedure while the patient is awake in our office. It resulted in less downtime, had much less complications, avoided a general anesthetic, and had great results.

I was one of the first physicians in the area to offer this safer form of tumescent liposuction for my patients. I allowed me to perform liposuction procedures while the patient is awake and in my office. Thus, the patient did not have to pay extra for an anesthesiologist nor extra for a hospital or outpatient room. Next, Laser lipolysis was developed to complement this type of liposuction. I again led the community in offering SmartLipo Laser Liposculpture to patients to make this procedure even safer and to yield even better results with added tightening.

As new technologies such as these have developed, they have resulted in less downtime for the patients, less potential complications, and no possible problems or recovery from a general anesthetic since only local anesthesia is used. In addition, these new techniques resulted in improved outcomes and success, making women feel better about doing these procedures. Helping women to feel good about themselves and the way they look is important. Women generally want to look good, and my staff and I enjoy having the opportunity to help them achieve this goal. When women have a better shape, they usually feel better about themselves.

Because I am an advocate for safety, I not only follow all the appropriate guidelines to achieve the safest procedures for my patients, but I also teaches other physicians to do the same. Because of my extensive experience, training and philosophies for improved safety, I was honored when I was asked to teach my innovative techniques of tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo to other physicians. Physicians from around the United States and from around the world now come to attend my course, sponsored and accredited through the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists. You can look these up on their website at

I addition to offering a safe liposuction procedure for patient, I have also incorporated other safe and effective cosmetic procedures within my practice to enhance a woman’s physical appearance in response to requests from his patients. These include Awake Breast Aug, Bikini Tummy Tuck. and Vaginal Cosmetic Procedures. These improve the woman’s contour and help remove the excess skin in strategic areas of her body that are troublesome to her.

Regarding enhanced facial and skin options, I offer other very safe, no downtime cosmetic procedures that are performed in my office with minimal discomfort and with minimal downtime. These include BotoxR, facial fillers such as RadiesseR and Juvaderm, Chemical Peels, Photofacials for Age Rejuvenation and Acne, Laser Hair Reduction, and Anti-Aging Skin Treatments. All these procedures are part of the Facial Rejuvenation therapies that help women improve the effects of aging on their face and body.

My goal is to help women feel good about the way they look and to boost their self esteem. I can accomplish this with procedures that are the safest, have the least downtime, and provide the best results. My staff and my facility provides one of the most friendly and comfortable environments for performing these procedures. Enhancing your natural beauty is our passion.

I have the best staff. My office is comfortable and filled with the latest equipment



As we grow older, we see noticeable brown spots and small irregular blood vessels developing on our face, neck and chest area (also called the colletage). These changes are worsened by sun exposure. Many people call these pigmented areas age spots, some call them sun damage. They are changes that make us look older, but we can fight the development of these and treat these changes by using new technology called IPL, or intense pulsed light.

Called Photofacial anti-aging treatment, this new non-surgical skin care treatment uses the power of waves of high intensity light to reduce or remove age spots, broken blood vessels, tiny spider veins, and other aging changes with minimal or no down time. It is considered a lunch time facial treatment and one can resume normal work and activities immediately. Plus the results are fabulous, as one can see below.

Photofacial Treatment of the face: Before and After

Photofacial Treatment of the colletage: Before and After

Performed in our office, Photofacials using the IPL do not require a topical anesthetic, are quick, and yet are very effective. These treatments can freshen aging and sun damaged skin to a more uniform color appearance. Usually, a series of these treatments are necessary to give the best results. In addition, one must continue to develop good skin care habits to help maintain these skin improvements as one continues to age.

Continual care of the skin includes a daily topical sun block. The brown spots (age spots) are caused by pigment that is produced by the skin to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, specifically from ultraviolet (UV) rays. In addition, the tiny irregular and broken blood vessels that appear on the skin are in response to the skin injury by the sun. The new blood vessels grow to bring more blood into the facial skin to help repair the damages the sun had caused.

Unfortunately, we continue to see these pigmented and red irregular vascular spots on our face and they give our skin an aged variegated appearance that we call dyschromia, or the sign of facial aging. Luckily, we don’t have to surrender to these aging changes because there is something we can do about them.

Photofacial skin care treatments using the IPL are the non-surgical anti-aging skin care treatment of choice for benign facial skin pigmentations, sun-damaged brown spots and irregular tiny vascular lesions. The treatments can be done on the face, hands, neck, colletage, or where ever such age-damage has occurred. They are the preferred treatment for these problems over laser treatments.

Many people have heard of using laser treatments on the face. These are also called resurfacing procedures and utilize high energy lasers. They result in significant downtime and do provide good results. However, they can also result in excess bleached discoloration of the skin in patches which are not normally seen by using the IPL. In addition, lasers result in significant downtime and many potential problems.

IPL Photofacial treatments utilize a bright flash of visible light, like the light from a flash camera, to fade and remove the pigment and blood vessels without using a laser. The pulsed light is less powerful and less dangerous than laser light, so it is a safer technique. You don’t have to hide away in your house while your facial skin sloughs off for two to four weeks with the IPL versus the laser. It is a much wiser choice for most people.

The IPL works like this: the energy of a specific wavelength of light from the IPL machine is absorbed by the colored areas of the skin, such as pigment and blood vessels, which heat these areas and destroy the pigment and blood vessels. The body then clears these problem areas that have been destroyed. More collagen is stimulated to form and the skin color returns to a more uniform color throughout, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

This process of utilizing the energy of a wavelength of light to destroy abnormal changes of the skin is called Target Specific Photothermolysis. A specific target, i.e. a colored pigment or small blood vessel, is heated (thermo) with a light beam (photo) and dissolved or destroyed (lysis). Since the specific wavelength hits only certain colors, it is considered “Target Specific”. It therefore leaves the normal skin undamaged.

Performing the Photofacial is an easy office based process. Since the procedure causes minimal discomfort, anesthesia or numbing medicine is generally not required. When the light hits the skin, one feels a small sting but is easily tolerated. Moreover, unlike many non-medical spas, we utilize the anesthetizing power of cooling and ice during the procedure through a special instrument that makes the process almost painless.

Immediately after the procedure, many people notice the pigmented areas are darker. They may also be slightly pink for a few hours. This is because the pigmented areas absorbed the light which makes them appear darker. Over time, the absorbed light energy causes the destruction of the pigment and thus these areas lighten and fade over time. The more times these areas are hit by the IPL, the more the fading occurs.

Usually 3 or more Photofacial skin care treatments are required to produce the best results. These are spaced at 4-6 week intervals. Multiple treatments are necessary to allow the pigments to be destroyed gently without the pain, sloughing injury and potential scarring to the skin that would be seen with the laser. The results are worth the wait and the effort of multiple visits.

Over time, one sees continual improvement of the areas treated. Generally one will see the results of a Photofacial skin care treatment at 4 to 6 weeks. Brown, aging spots are lighter or gone, and red spots or blood vessels will be much smaller or even gone. The effects are best in people with thin skin and very light pigment.

The best Photofacial or IPL technology is found in physicians offices that specialize in aesthetics or cosmetic procedures. Many spas use machines that are less powerful because they are not allowed to have the more powerful ones. Medical grade machines give the best results and these are the treatments recommended.

Such improved Photofacial based technology can also be used for medical purposes, such as Rosacea and Acne. These conditions should be treated in a doctor’s office to get the best results. In addition, your skin can be evaluated for more serious skin problems in a physician’s office, and you will receive more effective Photofacial skin care treatments there too. A doctor who has received special advanced training in anti-aging skin care and aesthetics is the best source for light based skin rejuvenation treatment, such as Dr. True. Call our office today to find out more about this anti-aging facial treatment or to schedule an appointment.

“Enhancing your natural beauty is our passion…”

Robert L. True, MD, FACOG, AACS Colleyville, TX 817-399-TRUE

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Is Sex Just Not the Same for You?

Most women attribute vaginal looseness problems to childbirth. They recall what sex used to be like” before having children. How many times have you said this: “sex is just not the same after having the kids”, or “I just don’t feel much anymore”. Women who realize they have these problems can remember how sex used to be like and how it is different now. Many of these women note that it often takes longer to have orgasms due to less friction and less sexual satisfaction. Some can’t have orgasms at all.

After discussing these problems with their personal physicians, including their Ob/Gyn, primary care physicians, and health care providers, most of these professionals will simply recommend Kegel exercises. Unfortunately, Kegel exercises, otherwise known as pelvic floor exercises, just do NOT work well! Many patients comment that their doctor told them these changes are normal and part of aging. They insinuate that there is nothing wrong, but these statements are far from the truth.

As a physician concerned about the woman’s quality of life, I have listened to what women want. I have learned a tremendous amount from just listening. Women want knowledge, choice, and alternatives. Women want their gynecologist to listen to them and provide viable solutions. Women have commented that Kegels do not always work. Women who have had children want a solution to rejuvenate the vagina and achieve the best sexual experience possible. For women with no children, solutions are available through design modification to accomplish their desires.

No one wants to age or lose optimal function anywhere, and this includes the vaginal and vulvar structures. I am part of a small group of surgeons through out the world who understand there is a problem. Women have these problems because, in the majority of cases, their vaginal structure has stretched and changed. These patients are experiencing real symptoms of vaginal and pelvic floor relaxation. The solution to fix these problems can be Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures as performed by myself, Dr. Robert True.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (Vaginal Tightening) for the Enhancement of Sexual Gratification

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) is a one to two hour outpatient surgical procedure designed to enhance sexual gratification by tightening the vagina. According to Masters and Johnson, sexual gratification is directly related to clitoral stimulation, which is related to the amount of frictional forces generated within the vagina. The vagina can be resculptured and tightened through the LVR® procedure. Making the vagina tighter through LVR® is a laser-assisted modification of a gynecological surgical procedure used for the treatment of pelvic prolapse. The technique involves gentle laser precision repairs with controlled accuracy that results in relatively bloodless surgery. The procedure results in rapid healing and resumption of daily activities in a short period of time.

Most patients who complain of diminished sensation or friction during intercourse have relaxed and stretched vaginal and pelvic structures. This condition is common after childbirth. However, women do not have to simply put up with these problems. The solution is our advanced Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) procedure.

The goal of the LVR® procedure is to effectively enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. It will also tighten the vagina by effectively decreasing the internal and external vaginal diameters. In addition, it builds up and strengthens the perineal tissue between the vagina and the anus. In vaginal relaxation, the muscles are relaxed and have poor tone, strength, and control. The internal and external diameters increase. The muscles of the perineum are weak and poorly supported. Under these circumstances, the vagina is no longer at its optimum physiological state. As a result, the sensual side of sexual gratification is diminished. LVR® was designed to enhance sexual gratification for women, who for whatever reason lack an overall optimum architectural integrity of the vagina.

My mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives. Women should play an active role in improving their healthcare and surgical design of their body. In one patient survey, women were asked: do women want to be loose or relaxed or do women want to be tight? Women answered 100% – women want to be tight. LVR® can accomplish what ever you desire to enhance your female body design.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR® per se is NOT considered a medical necessity but a cosmetic type of procedure. Therefore insurance companies will NOT pay for sexual enhancement surgery alone. Cosmetic vaginal restoration surgeries are considered non-medical procedures and these types of aesthetic surgeries therefore are not covered surgeries. In addition, it is not a solution for sexual dysfunction lack of interest or arousal, or orgasmic inadequacy. Vaginal rejuvenation can be a part of our Mommy Makeover program for those those women who are candidates.


Reducing Heavy Menstrual Flow

Many women suffer from heavy menstual periods. When these become a problem, women want options to help decrease or eliminate heavy menses from there lives. Hormone therapy, endometrial cryoablation, or a hysterectomy are some options that should be considered.

Not all women need ablations or even hysterectomies. Before the patient considers options to reduce the bleeding an evaluation should be performed. This begins with a simple a pelvic exam and a pap smear. Sometimes a course of birth control pills may be recommended in a young patient to see if these help decrease the bleeding.

However, as a woman gets older, other possible pathologic problems may occur. Therefore, further evaluation is indicated for these patients. These could include a vaginal sonogram to visualize the size of the uterus and the ovaries, and to possibly identify possible pathologic conditions present.

A special sonogram, called a hysterosonogram, with an endometrial biopsy may be recommended. This procedure is performed in the office with minimal discomfort. While performing a sonogram, fluid is injected inside the uterus to see if abnormal tumors or polyps are present within the uterus that may be causing the bleeding. An endometrial biopsy may also be performed at the same time. Here, a sample of the endometrial tissue is obtained to make sure that the heavy bleeding problem is not secondary to a precancerous endometrial condition.

Another procedure that may be necessary for further evaluation of the endometrium is a hysteroscopy. Here, a very small telescope is inserted into the uterus to visualize the inside lining of the uterus. In so doing we can see if there are problems inside this cavity that may be causing excessive menstrual bleeding. An endometrial biopsy may also be performed through this scope if necessary. The procedure is usually performed right in our office using just a local anesthetic on the cervix with minimal discomfort. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure is performed.


After an adequate workup and no serious pathology have been found, you may be scheduled for the cryoablation procedure. The procedure is performed at our office while you are awake. Medications are given orally prior to the procedure to reduce any cramping you might experience, and you may request an oral tranquilizer for anxiety if you desire. A local anesthetic is then used to numb the cervix, similar to when the dentist uses a local anesthetic in your mouth to work on your teeth. Once the area is numb, the cervix is dilated and the procedure is performed without pain.

The procedure destroys the endometrial layer of cells by literally €œfreezing€ them. Once the cells in this layer are destroyed, this endometrial lining of the uterus is essentially gone. Once destroyed, the lining does not respond to monthly hormonal stimulation. The result is that most women see minimal to no further enstrual bleeding again. At least eighty to ninety percent of women see a marked reduction in their menstrual flow to minimal levels and are satisfied with the results.

Thirty percent of women actually see no further bleeding. Most women find it hard to believe that treating their menstrual bleeding problems can be so easily performed. The cryoablation procedure makes this possible. After the procedure, usually women experience some cramping for that night, but this goes away rapidly and is treated with medications easily. Most women can go back to work or other normal activities the next day if they desire.


Medication €“ Hormonal therapy, such as birth control pills, may be prescribed for women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding due to a hormonal imbalance and who wish to preserve their fertility after treatment.

Dilation and Curettage (D & C) €“ This surgical procedure may provide a temporary solution to heavy menstrual bleeding and may be necessary for further evaluation of abnormal bleeding. The top layer of the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is scraped away, usually under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting. It does not provide effective long term treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Hysterectomy €“ The surgical removal of the uterus provides a final cure for excessive menstrual bleeding. Many women require this procedure because of complaints of pain in addition to heavy menstrual flow. Usually, Dr. True performs hysterectomies vaginally so no large incisions are needed. Further discussion on this and the different types of hysterectomies and procedure options can be discussed during your office visit.


After the endometrial ablation, most women experience some cramping that should go away by bedtime. The majority of women are able to return to normal activities the next day. You will probably have a pink or yellow watery discharge for several weeks after your treatment. If you experience two days of heavy bleeding, abdominal or pelvic pain, a fever, or pain that increases over time, you should call the office and come in to be evaluated.


If you are tired of heavy menses, make an appointment today for an evaluation. Find out if you are a candidate for the quick in-office cryoablation procedure. We are here to help give you a better quality of life.


Wellness Concepts for Anti-Aging

Improving one’s health is a passion that all of us should embrace. We all want to live long and active lives, but we are continually bombarded with a multitude of stresses that wear us down. Fortunately, there are actions that all of us can take to help us to become healthier. Sometimes called €œAnti-aging€ or €œWellness€, they are simply preventive health care actions that all of us can do easily.

Ninety percent of all health care dollars are spent on medical care when we get sick. Half of the US health care budget is spent on the degenerative diseases of aging [Health Care & Finance Administration, 1996.] One hundred million Americans are currently being treated for one or another degenerative disease at a health care cost of more than $700 billion per year. If we really want to make an impact on health care in this country and in the world, we must focus on the degenerative diseases of aging. If we can slow aging, we can eliminate more than 50% of all disease overnight.

At The True Wellness, we take a different approach. We advocate spending just a few dollars and a few minutes a day towards preventing these illnesses instead of spending the big bucks when they happen. We believe you can alter the dreadful curse of aging by preventing, delaying, or reversing the diseases associated with aging. Anti-aging medicine can be a leading frontier of health care in the twenty-first century because of its potential to reduce the burden of the degenerative diseases of aging if we embrace its concepts.

Above all else, proper diet and exercise is an essential component of any anti-aging program. Eating a well balanced diet with the appropriate amounts of health giving fruits, vegetables and the other food groups is important. Staying thin and/or losing weight has been shown to help improve one’s health in hundreds of studies. Getting lots of exercise, both with cardio and muscle building exercises, has been shown to help decrease many degenerative changes that can occur in our bodies. These are the basis of THE TRUE DIET program. You can visit this program and be a member for FREE by going to

There are also nutritional supplements available from research in the fields of biochemistry, biology, and physiology that improve your health. Anti-aging and wellness medicine is evidence-based and clinically sound to improve your health. Let’s take a look at some of these products that have been shown to help reduce the risk of developing some of these degenerative problems that steal our health.


Antioxidants are nutrients that help prevent the formation compounds in your body that have been associated with the aging process. These compounds are called €œfree radicals€ and are destructive to normal tissues. If you ingest enough antioxidants you can arm your body with a powerful method to reduce the formation of the aging compounds.

There are many products that contain anti-oxidants, but one stands out as a very potent natural product used for centuries to improve health, and that is Green Tea. A product with high doses of Green tee is Miracle Green. This highly concentrated extract of green tea provides the equivalent of up to 18 cups of green tea daily. Its power is enhanced because it is fortified with other powerful antioxidants of Gogi and A.

In addition to its powerful antioxidant effects, Green Tea has been utilized to improve prostate health, to help prevent heart disease, and to promote proper weight control. Just a dropperful a day is all you need to give your body these nutrients to improve your health.


Most Americans’ diets are deficient in adequate nutrients. They don’t eat their daily 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables needed for achieving their best health. Most Americans’ diets are deficient in adequate nutrients for multiple reasons. They don’t eat their daily five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, they eat foods that have lost much of their value from storing, and cooking destroys many vitamins and nutrients. Moreover, there are millions of people who are on restrictive diets because they want to lose weight.

Supplements that are derived from whole foods are the key to replenishing these destroyed and lost nutrients. You need the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure the best absorption and utilization of these nutrients by your body. A supplement such as our concentrated Whole Food Essentials provide an answer to supplementing your total nutrition. They not only contain all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health, but they also contain many antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients that can improve your health and boost your immunity.

Moreover, we have designed our formulas to meet differing needs of men and women. Our Men’s Whole Food Essentials improves heart health and has anti-oxidants to help rid the body of free radicals that are thought to cause the aging process. They boost prostate health, the immune system, and the health of one’s vital organs. Digestion is improved as is visual clarity and mental function. They also improve cardiovascular health.

Our Women’s Whole Food Essentials have similar health improving effects on the heart, improved visual acuity, and enhancement of other vital organs. They also contain nutrients specifically to improve a woman’s health. For instance, they have 100 mg of DIM, a remarkable product that has many benefits. These include promotion of cardiovascular health, boost in immunity, and assistance in weight control. They improve proper estrogen balance, which may also improve moodiness and decrease breast pain. Moreover, research also suggests that DIM could help prevent many types of cancers.

The also contain proanthocyanidins from Grape Seeds and Bilberry Fruit, as well as Lutein and Lycopene. These natural nutrients are potent antioxidants to help improve the health of your eyes, your heart, and your nervous system through their antioxidant effects.


Every 33 seconds an American dies of a heart related problem, which is one of the top killers of women. True Cardio offers you a proactive approach to your own heart health. Its powerful combination of targeted nutrients all work together to support healthy blood circulation, normal heart function and existing normal cholesterol levels.

Health professionals have endorsed the use of Policosanol, Niacin, CoQ10, Omaga 3 free fatty acids, CLA and many other nutrients to decrease heart disease and the debilitating states that this degenerative disease can cause. The True Wellness has several unique products that are based on these nutrients for your heart health.

True Cardio is a proprietary blend of ingredients to help decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in your blood. The formula features policosanol, a breakthrough heart-healthy antioxidant that helps the body maintain normal cholesterol levels. It has high amounts of Niacin that has been used for years to reduce blood lipid levels. You know it works and is potent because many people feel flushed occasionally after taking it; a sensation that is harmless and goes away within an hour.

True Cardio also has phytosterols that help to inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol in the small intestine, to eliminate excess LDL cholesterol, and to improve and maintain total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio. It also contains garlic that offers antioxidant properties, positively impacting the circulatory system.

Our other heart health products include Omega 3 and OmegaCLA capsules. These supplements help you ingest the recommended amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to improve the health of your heart. In addition, Omegas have been shown to improve brain function, eye function, joint health, and to boost immunity.


Although almost all our products boost immunity, one stands out as a product that has been used for centuries in China as a potent compound to improve your health. Gano is the common name of a mushroom that grows in Asia with potent powers. Our product, GanoMax, stimulates the immune system to help improve your resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, many people feel it is a vitality tonic for the mind and body, especially in aging men. It may increase fertility and relieve fatigue. Ancient Chinese herbalist utilized it natural powers to help prevent illnesses and thus improve one’s health. Our GanoMax is a concentrated blend of mushrooms that can help you achieve the same.


Many of our products have been shown to improve brain health, mental acuity and brain function. Omegas have been shown to potentially decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Whole Food Essentials contain multiple natural nutrients to improve your brain’s health.

Another aspect of wellness if emotional health. One of our premier products for emotional health is True Tranquility. Made from a plant found in Africa, this natural preparation helps calm when stresses overtake you, while stimulating your mind to help you focus better.

Many people have found that True Tranquility can uplift their mood, enhances their mental outlook and creates a pleasant sensation of euphoria. Some have also noted an increase in sexual desire, and heightened energy level. It is a natural remedy to relieve stress and tension.


There are as many paths to achieving good health as there are names for the concepts involve. The concept of Anti-aging is simply Wellness. We all want to live longer, but we strive to decrease the degenerative processes that can make us “age”. You can achieve this if you take action for a healthier you.