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Breast Lift FAQs Dallas

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

To know if you need a breast lift, many people performed the pencil test. Here, you put a pencil under the breasts in the fold. If it stays while you’re standing, it’s a good probability you will need a lift. Another way is to measure between your collar bone (clavicle) and your nipple, if the measurement is greater than 10 inches, you probably need a lift. Another way is to see if your nipples are falling. If they point down, you need a lift.

How Long Will the Breast Lift Last?

The reshaped breasts can maintain their new youthful and perky appearance for many years. However, one should remember that the aging process does continue and gravity does continue to force the breasts down. Thus, the procedure should not be considered permanent, for it cannot permanently delay these effects that cause the breasts to sag. One way to help keep the breasts up and perky is to always wear a good support bra when you are standing or exercising.

What Happens if I Get Pregnant Again?

For those women who are still thinking about becoming pregnant, they should consider waiting until after the pregnancy before undergoing this procedure. Otherwise, the breasts can sag again after pregnancy. However, many women have breast augmentation and lifts before they become pregnant and they have no problems afterwards. Thus, it sort of is your choice.
What are Some of the Reasons for Breast Lift Surgery?

There are many differing types of breast lift procedures. Indeed, there are many reasons why women choose to undergo a breast lift. Some women have adequate sized breasts yet they sag, while others desire not only a lift but also breast enhancement. Breast lift surgery can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation to add more volume to the breast. Some women feel their breasts are not well positioned, and some have substantial asymmetry of their breasts. Many women complain of a lack of substance or firmness in their breasts. Other women complain that their breasts point downward instead of forward. A breast lift can help women correct most of these conditions.

How are Breast Lift Surgeries Performed?

Most cosmetic surgeons perform breast lift surgery using general anesthesia. However, Dr. True can perform the procedure using mild to moderate sedation and a local anesthetic (i.e. Awake Breast Aug). Before the procedure starts, the nipple areola areas are marked very accurately so they will end up very symmetrical and pointing forward. During the procedure, the breasts are numbed with a special anesthetic fluid. The excess fallen tissue is excised and the nipple areola is repositioned so it will be in the center of the breast mound pointing the most forward. The lower part of the breast usually requires an up and down scar in order to recreate the correct shape of the breast and to lift the breast tissue adequately.

How Long is the Procedure and Where is it Performed?

Breast Lift surgery takes from 2 to 4 hours to perform. Dr. True performs this procedure in his accredited office based surgicenter. The accreditation certificate signifies that he has made sure the standard safety measures are maintained for ensuring the best health and safety of his patients. Many other surgeons use a hospital or other surgical center, which may significantly increase the cost of the procedure.

What is the Recovery like for Breast Lift Surgery?

After the Breast Lift procedure, there is moderate to severe pain that lasts a few days. This is usually adequately relieved with oral pain medicines. Recovery is usually quite rapid, with resumption of normal activity within one to a few weeks depending on the patient’s activity level. Most of the time, patients may return to sedentary work and drive within 5-7 days. More physical activity, exercising and lifting can be started around 2 weeks after the surgery.

What can I Expect for the Results of a Breast Lift?

Anyone who undergoes breast lift surgery must have realistic expectations about the procedure. Most of the time, although the resulting shape is usually quite satisfactory, scars are present on the breasts. These are necessary for longer term satisfactory results, to give the breasts correct proportions, and to give the appropriate strength to the breast tissues so they can maintain their new shape without excess stretching. Any woman undergoing this procedure must realize the fact that she will have scars on her breasts so she has a better idea of the realistic outcomes that will happen from the surgery. If she can accept these scars versus sagging breasts, if she prefers having more beautifully shaped breasts that are much less saggy, then she could be a good candidate for the procedure.

What is the Best Type of Breast Lift for Me?

Every cosmetic surgeon has his/her own special preferences regarding the best breast lifting procedure. Only a thorough evaluation and exam can determine what would be the best one for you. If you think you would like a breast lift procedure performed, please make an appointment at our office to discuss your concerns. You should undergo an extensive breast evaluation before deciding on the best course of action for you. We can thoroughly discuss your concerns, your options, the procedure, and your desired results so you can get the breasts you want. Call us for a consultation today at 817-399-8783, and become well informed about the procedure and its results.

Who is the Best Surgeon for Performing Breast Lift Surgery?

Usually, the best surgeon to perform your cosmetic breast surgery should have adequate training, credentials and personality for performing these procedures. A board certified cosmetic surgeon is probably your best bet of finding the best surgeon for your breast surgery. Check out his credentials and see if he is board certified. Dr. True is board certified in cosmetic surgery, specializing in breast and body cosmetic surgeries. Because he is also board certified in two other fields to help you live your life to the fullest, he is unique in offering you a multitude of options to enhance your body’s appearance and health, both on the outside and the inside.