If you feel your breasts are very large and hanging down too low, and you feel that you would like to have smaller breasts, then you might consider having a breast reduction procedure. However, there are some things you need to consider when you want to have a breast reduction procedure performed.


Before we begin this discussion, are your breasts too large because you are overweight or obese? Sometimes just losing weight or at least a significant amount of weight is the best option for many people before they have a breast reduction procedure performed.  Consider the fact that if you have very large breasts due to you being overweight, if you lose weight, especially a significant amount of weight, then you may have a problem with too small of breasts.  In addition, losing weight and going to a normal weight is very beneficial for your health.  Therefore, if you are overweight and especially if you are obese, I would first recommend that you lose weight, get healthier and then reevaluate your situation.


Breast reductions are cosmetic surgeries resulting in a smaller size of breasts.  They are performed because some women are disproportionately large in their breasts.  Doing a breast reduction can make their breasts smaller, more symmetrical, and give her body a preferable contour for the patient.  Most women who want a reduction also feel their breasts are hanging down way too low in addition to their breasts being too large.  A breast reduction procedure with lifting of the nipple areolar tissue is the best surgery for these patients.


When a breast reduction/lift is performed, the nipple areola tissue is raised and the lower tissue is excised and sewn together.  The result is smaller breasts that tend to point forward in appearance resembling a more natural breast.  It is imperative to understand that breast reduction procedures do not result in fullness in the upper part of the breasts.


When one does a breast reduction procedure or a breast lift procedure, one must realize that scars will be present around the nipple areolar, up and down in the lower part of the breast, and possibly another one in the fold in the lower part of the breast. This is because these procedures require resection of the lower part of the breasts that hang down too low.  We cannot put that lower tissue back up into the upper part of the breast, it just doesn’t stay.  Usually if this is attempted, the tissue simply drops down into the lower part of the breasts again over time, and you get breasts that are hanging down again.


Whenever a woman undergoes a breast lift or reduction procedure, she must realize that these scars will be present.  Whether these scars stretch and form wider scars it is very dependent on many factors including, most importantly due to the health of the patient per se.  Her health must be good for proper healing. In addition, if she smokes, in order for the tissues to heal properly and reduce the size of the scars, she must discontinue smoking weeks to months before the procedure, and there should be no smoking for weeks to months after the procedure too.


That said once the woman understands that scars will be present in the lower part of her breasts and around the nipple areola, she is ready to consider having a breast reduction breast lift procedure.  The amount of tissue that is removed is dependent on many factors including how much tissue the patient has in the upper part of her breasts, in addition to the amount that is actually fallen down and the amount of enlargement of her breasts that she does not like.


In addition, she must consider how much breast tissue she has in the upper part of your breasts, where her natural breast should be.  Many women who have excessively sagging breasts and very large breasts, unfortunately, don’t have much tissue in the upper part of her breasts in the area where her breasts should be located for a natural appearance of her breasts.


If the patient does not have an adequate amount of tissue in the upper part of her breasts and the breast fall down excessively, in order to get the breasts to look good after the procedure, sometimes it is necessary to place an implant in the upper part of the breasts to give the breasts what we call, “upper pole fullness.” This will give the patient the best chance of having breasts that look full, lifted, and pointing forward more similar to a natural breast.


The best patient for breast reduction surgery is one who has a more normal weight to slightly overweight, one who is healthy, who does not smoke or do other nicotine related activities, and who understands the limitations of the surgery, including understanding that post surgery she will have some scars on the breasts and is okay with them. She would understand that these scars would be in the lower part of the breasts.  And when wearing a bra or a swimsuit, generally the scars are not visible.


One way to look at the fact that she would have scars from breast reduction and breast lift surgeries is to think about what does she prefer?  Does she prefer to have larger breasts that sag, possibly pointing down in an unacceptable appearance, or breasts that have a more beautiful appearance and shape, pointing forward, with a nice shape like a natural breast, yet have scars in the lower part of the breasts? If you prefer the latter, then you most likely are a good candidate for a breast reduction breast lift surgery.


If you feel your breasts are very large and/or sagging too low, and you qualify for this surgery using the above criteria, call and make an appointment for a consultation to see if we can help you enhance your breasts to a size and shape that you desire.