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Body Jet Liposculpture Dallas

body-jetHave you ever considered doing liposuction to reduce unwanted areas of fat on your body and then have the fat reinjected in other areas of your body for a better silhouette? A new and innovative technology has been developed to help you reduce your unwanted fatty areas in a gentle manner that helps preserve the integrity of the fat cells. We can then reinject these fat cells in other areas for improve your shape per your desires

Called BodyJet Liposculpture, it utilizes the power of water pressure to break the fat cells apart and then remove them through suctioning to contour your body. The high pressure fluid contains lidocaine, a powerful local anesthetic to make the areas numb, and epinephrine, to constrict the vessels and reduce bleeding and bruising significantly. The fluid is instilled into the areas via small tubes, called cannulas, specifically designed to simultaneously gently suction out the fat while it is broken apart with the high pressure spray. The result is more viable fat that can be reinjected in your breasts, buttocks or other body areas for great results.

BodyJet Liposculpture at a Glance

Treatment For:
Unwanted fatty bulges in areas that are a concern to you
Expected Result:
Reduction of these fatty areas, plus sculptured and shaping targeted areas for a better silhouette
Treatment Time:
One to four hours, depending on the number of areas sculpted and the amount of fat grafting
A few days to a few weeks recovery is the general rule
For Best Result:
Performed after a stable normal weight is achieved

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