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Is hair loss or thinning a concern for you? New research has offered a novel approaches to hair restoration. We can stimulate growth of your hair with laser therapy and/or with PRP, i.e. platelet rich plasma, a component of your blood. These procedures are outpatient procedures and do not require surgery. These technologies have been used in our practice for years to improve and stimulate the healing of tissues. We utilize these powers of healing to stimulate the growth of your hair.

True MD PRP for Hair Regrowth

Hair Rejuvenation

Individual Results may vary

Laser Hair Growth Therapy

Using a specialized laser, hair can be stimulated to grow. Tiny vessels that feed the hair follicle are also stimulated to grow, thus improving circulation to the hair follicle. If you feed it, it will grow.Laser therapy also stimulates protein synthesis and energy production (ATP production) within the cells. This stimulates the further growth of the hair follicles. The result is a fuller head of hair over time.

There is no pain during the laser sessions. You just sit in a chair for 40 minutes twice a week and you can watch TV, work on your computer, read a book, or just relax. It’s easy and no stress. (Photo is courtesy of manufacturer of laser and not actual patient of TrueMD)

PRP to stimulates growth of your hair

Your PRP contains growth factors which stimulate growth. PRP is the substance in your blood that helps your skin heal itself when cut. Its growth factors stimulate growth of your blood vessels. This increases blood supply to your tissue cells and stimulates growth of new tissue. On your skin, you see healing occur. PRP does similar actions in your hair, increasing their blood supply which increases their growth. Plus dormant follicles are stimulated to grow by the growth factors. It is effective for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. It also can be used in the eyebrows.

Studies demonstrate effectiveness of PRP in Hair Growth

Recent scientific research and technology has discovered the beneficial effects PRP has on the growth of hair. A recent study supported the clinical application of PRP in hair restoration. It demonstrated several pathways where PRP stimulates the growth of hair. Through its stimulation of blood vessels, it improves circulation to dormant follicles. If they are feed well, they are more likely to grow and flourish producing new hairs and improving the growth of the existing cells. Other studies have also demonstrated the beneficial effects of PRP in hair loss conditions.

About procedures and recovery

Laser sessions are easy. Your simply sit in a chair with the laser over your head for 20 minutes. Sessions are administered frequently for the first months, then tapered off over time. The PRP procedure is normally performed while you’re awake using mild sedation and local anesthesia as needed. You are in the office around 2 hours per procedure. After preparing the PRP from your blood, it is injected into your scalp using tiny micro needles. Recovery is quick; most people can resume normal activities the day after the procedure.

Individual Results may vary

Results, Causes, and Maintenance

Most people are satisfied with their treatments, but Just like everything else on your face and body, maintenance is needed. Procedures must be performed regularly for optimal results. We have packages that help make these procedures very affordable for most people. In addition, we recommend that we evaluate you to make sure you do not suffer from other possible causes of hair loss, including optimal hormonal balancing and taking medications that could help or hinder growth of your hair. (Photo is courtesy of manufacturer of laser and not actual patient of TrueMD)

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