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Meet Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. True

Dr. Robert L. True, MD

Dr Robert L. True

Dr. Robert L. True is trained and experienced in multiple different specialties which complement each other. He is board certified in Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), specializing in Breast, Body and Extremities; to help you look good and feel good about your appearance. He is board certified in Gynecology (FACOG), to help diagnose and treat your feminine concerns, which improves your quality of life.



Education and Training
From childhood, Dr. True has always been fascinated by the many complexities, structure and physiology of the human body. Starting off as a pharmacist, he has learned medications and herbal/vitamin supplements and their interactions with the body. Becoming a physician and a specialist in three disciplines, he has been able to learn more about the amazing human body and how he can help ensure its beauty and health as you age.
Teaching and Lectures
Dr. True has always loved to teach and to help others learn about what they can do to make them healthier and to enhance their beauty. He has not only given lectures to multiple medical and social groups, he has taught many physicians his skills and techniques; some he developed himself because he wasn’t satisfied with old methods that didn’t provide the best results.
Virtual Office Tour
Dr. True offers multiple safe and effective procedures, including several “Awake” procedures, including breast augmentation and breast lifts. His office provides a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with a friendly staff that makes you feel at ease for your visits and your surgeries. Please click on the link to see our virtual office.
Easy Access Office Location
For over 28 years, Dr. True has had a very active medical practice in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Originally, his office was in Arlington, TX but he presently practices in Colleyville, TX, right next door to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. His office is centrally located in the middle of the metroplex and is easily accessed from anywhere in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Mid Cities areas.
In the Media
Over the years, Dr. True has been featured on multiple TV shows, talk radio shows, magazines and other media. He has made a name for himself in the Dallas-Fort Worth community and around the country. Locally, he is known for the quality of his work and for the care he provides his patients. Nationally he is known for his teaching and mentoring skills. He teaches other physicians via workshops for the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians. Local news media and television shows have selected him to be interviewed because of his expertise in multiple disciplines, including cosmetic surgery, weight loss programs, hormone therapy, gynecology and preventive health.
Lecturer on True Labiaplasty
Because Dr. True is both a cosmetic surgeon and a gynecologist, he is familiar with helping women feel good about the appearance of their genital areas. He developed a technique of doing a labiaplasty that is different than what most other surgeons perform. He named the procedure the True Labiaplasty and it results in a more aesthetically desirable appearance of the labia. The design of the surgery is more parallel to a naturally draping short labia, which is what many women want. He also has developed his unique techniques for vaginal rejuvenation and vulvoplasty. Check the website for more information.