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Dr. True Family and Personal

Raised in Pocatello, Idaho

Dr. True was born in Pocatello, Idaho. His father was a meat cutter from Washington State and his mother was school teacher, originally from Italy. Raised in an Italian family where his mother and grandmother always spoke Italian, Dr. True is able to speak several languages, including Spanish, Italian, and English.

Mother from Italy. Father a veteran.

His mother was a fourth grade school teacher for 35 years and instilled in him the spirit to continually improve himself through constructive avenues. His father, a World War II veteran who only had a ninth grade education, instilled in him a work ethic that no school could teach. Both taught him that education is vitally important to achieving success and self fulfillment.

Enjoys his children and granddaughter grow up

During his free time, Dr. True enjoys spending time with his wife, Pam, and his family. He has one granddaughter, McCallen, from his only daughter Kim. It’s fun to see children growing up and the treasured experiences they can share with you

Daughter, new daughter, son, and wife

Dr. True’s son is married to an Indonesian “Princess” and she is one of the sweetest persons we know. His son Robert helps Dr. True with his website and marketing, and he has his own business that concerns the internet and affiliated businesses. His two “daughters” do marketing for companies, and his wife is his personal assistant at home and the office.

Time “away” from medical practice

Dr. True enjoys traveling, self improvement, professional improvement, exercising, writing and educational activities. He is not a golfer but enjoys watching a few select sports games. He routinely attends continuing education seminars on the multiple disciplines of medicine that he has chosen to practice.