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Vulvar Enhancements Dallas

As you age, your vulvar area can change to an “old look”. The fat in the genital mounds on both sides of the vagina (labia majora) can lose their fat, the skin can sag and wrinkle. The lips of the vulva (labia minora) can become enlarged and unsightly. If you are concerned about these changes, we can help you to rejuvenate these areas into a more youthful appearance.Vulvar fat trans

To increase the volume of the vulva and give it a fuller appearance, we can inject the vulva with either your own fat or with FDA approved fillers. For fat transfer, we perform some special liposuction techniques to harvest some fat from another area of your body and then inject it into your vulva. Called a Fat transfer to the vulva, it can offer you a more youthful full vulvar area.

If excessive looseness, elongation and wrinkles of the large mounds on either side of the labia are your concern, we can not only inject fat for fullness, but we can also excise excess loose wrinkled skin from the area to make it look smoother and fuller. The large vulvar mounds are also called the labia majora, and are part of the vulva. Thus, this type of procedure is called a vulvoplasty. It can be performed using only a local anesthetic. The excess skin inB&A  Vulvoplasty 0287 the inner part of the labia majora is excised and the lateral skin is then stretched inward to markedly reduce the wrinkles, size and looseness of the labia majora.

For those who have elongated lips (labia minora) that are a concern, we can trim them with a technique called labiaplasty, either separately or at the same time as a vulvoplasty. Dr. True has created a unique method for doing this procedure that results in a more natural and beautiful look to your labia. In addition, most people have minimal postoperative pain from the procedure.

There are many reasons and many women who want to have more beautiful vaginal/vulvar genital areas. Some say they want to look beautiful down there because, even though it is not visible to the public, they feel it will help them to feel beautiful during intimate relations. In some it can be uncomfortable, painful, and get in the way of clothing. Some say they just want to know that they have a more youthful appearing vulva, which can boost their self-esteem. For these concerns and others, we can help.

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