TrueMD TeleHealth For Patients

Get access to your physician via the TrueMD TeleHealth platform

We’ve made it easy for you.


  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. A link is sent to you for the appointment.
  3. Click on the link
  4. Make sure your system allows for audio and video on the system
  5. You’ll be placed in the waiting room.
  6. Once there, the doctor will be notified
  7. He/she clicks on your name
  8. You start your visit

It’s that easy.

Choose a Physician

     Don’t See your Physician ?

Billing: Most of the time, telehealth services are not or are incompletely covered by insurance. Therefore, they are considered cash-pay services most of the time. Charges may vary, starting at $150 per 15 to 30-minute visit. Credit cards are utilized with easy payment systems.