One common problem that a lot of people have is hair loss as they get older.  Sometimes this can be severe and sometimes it can be just moderate in amount.  There are many options that are available today for hair restoration and regeneration. One of these is the use of PRP, also called platelet rich plasma.


PRP is prepared from your blood.  A sample of your blood is obtained just like you do for performing a blood lab test. The blood sample is centrifuged and prepared in order to separate the platelet rich plasma part of the blood from the rest of the blood.  This part of the blood has the growth factors that will stimulate growth of parts of the skin including your hair.  Another component of your skin that this PRP stimulates is the growth of the vessels that carry the blood to your hair follicles.  The hair follicles receive more nutritious blood, i.e. they’re fed better, and the result is they grow more hair. If you feed something better, you tend to grow it better.  The more the hair grows the more likely you’ll get a fuller head of hair.


Normally more than one of these procedures is necessary in order to really stimulate the hair growth over time.  A procedure performed once every six to 12 weeks is a good regimen to increase the growth of hair when you see that you’re having thinning of your hair.  Since this takes a long time to grow hair, one needs to wait several months in order to see the results.


The procedure does not help in those men who have balding which has already occurred, and the hair follicles are no longer living to produce more hair.  You must have live follicles present to see good results and for the PRP to stimulate growth of hair. Dead follicles won’t do anything.


The procedure takes only about 15 to 30 minutes to be performed.  It is performed at our office with using only ice or cold freeze anesthesia with a good result in making the procedure relatively comfortable.  Most people feel there is minimal discomfort during the procedure and love the results of the extra growth of hair over the long run.


If you are experiencing excess hair loss and you are interested in increasing the growth of and thickness of your hair, call us for a consultation for PRP treatments to your hair.