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We all want to live longer yet be able to enjoy an active life as we grow older. Your body is continually bombarded with a multitude of stresses that can wear you down and cause your body to “age”. Fortunately, there are multiple actions that you can take to help you become healthier. Whether you call them Anti-aging, Prevention or Wellness, we can help you maintain a healthier, more youthful body. Your body can look older on the outside due to outside forces on your skin, but your internal organs are also affected. Aging processes worsen when you develop medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other medical illnesses. These are some of the ‘degenerative diseases’ that can make you grow older fast. They can weaken you, give you poor quality of life, and decrease your lifespan. Thus, they ‘age’ our bodies. Anti-aging concepts and options attempt to help prevent or reverse these degenerative processes. We can help you to discover these options to potentially help you not only live longer but also live with a better quality of life.

Anti-Aging Options at a Glance


[/raw] Dr. Robert L. True has been providing anti-aging and wellness services for patients in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas for over 30 years. His office is centrally located in the MidCities area in Colleyville, TX, convenient for anyone coming from the Metroplex area. If you would like to know more about anti-aging and aesthetic options, call his office at 817-399-8783 for an appointment.

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