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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Risks and Benefits Dallas

Consider the benefits and the risks of hormone therapy

Many women are concerned about taking hormone therapy because of the risks they’ve heard about in the news. Some believe that hormones cause breast cancer, others have heard that hormones cause strokes. There has been much confusion in the news media about hormone therapy and we would like to discuss these and allay your fears, for hormones, when given appropriately, DO NOT increase your risks of developing these problems.

Hormones Improve Quality of Life

Let’s first discuss the benefits of HRT. Hormones can treat symptoms of hormone deficiency. If you suffer from hot flashes, mood changes, decreased sexual libido, or other symptoms of menopause, you may have a poor quality of life. Adequate hormones can treat and resolve these and provide you with a better quality of life. Some women have decreased energy level or fatigue, memory problems, foggy brain, and decreased motivation, all of which may be due to lack of hormones.

Hormones Decrease Medical Problems

In addition, there are hundreds of studies that have proven multiple health benefits from hormone therapy. These include a reduction in heart disease, the most common cause of death; a reduction in osteoporosis, loss of bone and strength of your bones due to lack of hormones; and Alzheimer’s disease, which nobody wants and everyone fears. Thus, the benefits are very high for taking hormones. Let’s look at where the risks came from.

Possible Long Term Increased Risks and Consequences of Not Taking Hormones:

Colon Cancer
Arched backbone
Premature aging
Memory Loss
Alzheimer’s Disease
Vaginal atrophy
Hip fractures
Heart Disease
Facial wrinkles
Loss of collagen
Sexual dysfunction

Synthetic Hormone Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

The study that started all the negative press about the risks of hormones was called the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) study. They split up the groups of women into those who took Premarin (a brand of estrogen) plus Provera (a synthetic progestin), those who took Premarin alone, and those who took a placebo. The researchers in this study concluded that there was an increased risk of breast cancer of 8 more cases per 10,000 women per year in the first group (Premarin + Provera).

Bioidentical/Natural Hormones did Not Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

Of course, the news media was all over this negative news and hyped it up without telling you the whole story. In the group of women taking only Premarin, a “natural” type hormone, there was actually less breast cancer: 5 less cancer cases per 10,000 women years. One should therefore conclude that it was not the Premarin increasing the risk but the Provera, the synthetic progestin. Thus, we only use non-synthetic types of estrogen, or bioidentical estrogen in our therapy resulting in no increased risk of breast cancer.

Transdermal, Not Oral Estrogen, do Not Increase Risk of Stroke in Women

The other conclusion of the WHI was that hormones increase the risk of stroke. However, again they did not tell you the whole story. The risk was 9 more cases per 10,000 women years, but only in those who were over 60 years old and who took the hormones orally. We now know that transdermal estrogen does not increase stroke, therefore bioidentical hormone therapy is always administered through the skin.

You can Benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The fact is that you don’t have to suffer, you can benefit from hormone therapy without increased risks of breast cancer or stroke. If you take bioidentical hormones, you have the same risk of developing these whether you take the hormones or not. Therefore, why suffer from a poor quality of life due to menopausal symptoms that you just do not have to endure. Today, we have safe bioidentical hormonal therapies that help women to live a better quality of life, plus will help improve their health.

Common Symptoms of Menopause due to Lack of Hormones

The most common symptoms experienced by women going through menopause include:

  • Hot flashes: sudden feelings of being hot, possibly sweating
  • Insomnia: sleeplessness partially due to hot flashes
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Lack of concentration and fuzzy thinking
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Headaches
  • Moodiness and depression
  • Vaginal dryness: from thinning of the lining
  • Irregular bleeding: from many causes
  • Decreased libido: lack of sex drive

Dr. Robert L. True can Help You

Dr. True has always been an advocate of improving the healthcare and quality of life of women with hormonal problems. His goal is to treat the complex symptoms and the many needs of menopausal women, including:

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