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Essure Dallas

If you are finished with having your children and desire permanent sterilization, the new essure procedure may be an excellent option for you. It is performed during an office visit with only a local anesthetic. Small micro inserts are placed in the corners of the uterus using a small scope passed through the vagina. These block the fallopian tubes and prevent the sperm from passing to the eggs.

The procedure is performed totally through the vagina and no cutting incisions or scars are made. The entire procedure usually takes around 25 minutes to perform. Most patients resume regular activities within one day. The procedure is 99.8% effective at preventing further pregnancy. Almost all women are happy they had the procedure performed and are amazed at how easy it was.

Essure Procedure at a Glance

Treatment For
Women who desire permanent sterilization
Expected Result
Tubal blockage to prevent sperm from meeting the egg
Treatment Time
30 minutes is usually all that is needed
Back to normal activities within a day or two
For Best Result
Maximum protection seen in three months

Frequently Asked Questions – Essure Procedure

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