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Gynecology Services Dallas

Are you having gynecologic problems that you want resolved? If you are premenopausal, i.e. have not gone through the change of life or menopause, whether you are having pelvic pain problems, heavy menses, contraception needs or simply need an annual physical exam, Dr. True can assist you and help resolve your problems.

If you are postmenopausal, you may suffer from a lack of female hormones, which may include hot flashes, problems sleeping and decreased libido. Hormone supplementation may help.

Dr. True has been an advocate for preventive and appropriate hormone therapy since he started his practice in 1986. He also offers breast, bone and cardiac health screens that can help detect problems with these organs early.

In addition to the typical gynecologic services offered by most gynecologists, Dr. True can offer cosmetic options. Thus, you not only have the opportunity to improve your health, but also to enhance your natural beauty. Dr. True is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is qualified to take care of these needs. Many women love the fact that they can get their annual exam and get their Botox and aesthetic procedures done at the same time.

Gynecologic Services at a Glance

GYN Exam
For general physical/pelvic exams, Pap smears and blood work
Targeted exam
For those who have specific gynecologic concerns
Pelvic Pain
Services to evaluate pelvic pain issues
Heavy Menses
Evaluation and treatment of excess menstrual bleeding
Urinary Problems
Evaluate and treat problems with urinary leakage
Gynecologic Surgeries
Provide surgical options for treatment of gynecologic problems
Prescribe various types of contraception methods
Vaginal rejuvenation
Provide rejuvenation services to restore what pregnancy has stretched
Hormone Vitality-Plus and Anti-Aging therapy
Prescribe bioidentical hormone therapy including Pellets
Cancer screen
Provide screening options for multiple different cancers
Heart Health
For evaluation and preventive treatment of heart problems
Weight Management
Provide weight programs that help you lose weight quickly and keep it off.

Dr. Robert L. True has provided a multitude of gynecologic services for patients in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas for over 2 decades. He is a Board Certified Gynecologist who is experienced and trained to help.

Located in Colleyville, TX, which is next door to DFW airport, Grapevine and SouthLake, Dr. True’s office is conveniently situated for anyone coming from the Metroplex area. If you are in need of gynecologic services and would like an experienced gynecologist who also offers a multitude of cosmetic and anti-aging options, call his office at 817-399-8783.

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