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The True Diet Dallas

Lose the Weight and Keep it Off


Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, or more, The True Diet empowers you to lose weight safely and effectively. We utilize proven options to change your metabolism for quick weight loss with long term results through our maintenance program.

The best program for you depends on multiple factors. If we can force your body to give up those extra fat calories, then you are a success. We can help you achieve this success through our medically supervised weight loss management plan.

Medically Supervised and Monitored

We’re committed to helping you reach your weight loss goals using multiple powerful actions including a special low calorie diets, the power of hormones, appetite suppressants, fat burning agents, energy producing shots, weight-loss exercises, intensive lifestyle interventions, and much more. All with proven records for successful weight loss short and long term.

During your program, our clinical staff will help you with education and guidance you every step of the way. Our physician will provide necessary prescriptions and medical supervision to help get you off that weight-loss plateau. The True Diet can help you achieve your goal weight and maintain it. Call and book an appointment to begin your journey today.

Not everyone has the same reasons nor needs for weight loss concerns. Dr. Robert L. True has helped thousands of patients to lose weight over the years. His program is based on long term evidence that works for clinically proven weight loss success. After your initial evaluation, the best program for you can be started with the goal of helping you lose weight quickly plus keeping it off over time. Our program works equally well for women and for men. Here are some of the programs available for you:

Change Your Metabolism to Burn the Fat


If you need to lose over 20, 40, or 60 pounds, we help change your metabolism to burn those extra fat calories and help of a pregnancy hormone, HCG. Along with a nutritious but a very low calorie diet (VLCD), this hormone can force your body to give up the calories stored in your fat. Your body uses these calories for energy. The result is that you lose weight quickly, but you feel fine. Your appetite lessens, and your energy level is maintained while you’re burning the fat and losing weight. Most people love this diet because it works when other diets have failed. Dr. True has added a multitude of other factors for intensive lifestyle interventions that give you the best results. In addition, you benefit from a safer and extremely effective weight loss program with proven long term success.

Lose Those Last 10 to 20 Pounds Successfully

If you have those last 10 to 20 pounds to lose and they are stubbornly staying on you, Dr. True can help. He created this program specifically to lose those last stubborn pounds. Most patients find it very difficult to get those last 10 pounds off, but you can do this with this diet, with concepts you continue for life. You eat a special low calorie diet, we help you suppress your appetite with medications, and we infuse intensive lifestyle interventions eating and exercising.

In addition, to help burn the fat and give you energy, you receive specially formulated shots we call LipoShots, which help change your metabolism to burn the fat from your fat cells. You lose those last few pounds that you’ve been trying so hard to do. Next, you continue with our long term maintenance program to keep the weight off long term.

Maintenance Therapy for Long Term Results

Maintenance includes regular visits to our office including regular LipoShots. Some people call them energy shots. They not only help you burn the fat, but they also give you a boost in energy. Composed of a combination of amino acids and vitamins, when these shots force your body to metabolize some of your stored fat, they release calories into your blood. These extra calories give you that burst of energy for which these LipoShots are famous. They are great for weight loss, for that energy boost that we all love, and for maintaining your new weight.

No program is good without a maintenance program. Studies have shown that return visits to the weight loss counselor helps keep weight management top of the mind. When you come in one or twice a month for your liposhot, you tend to maintain the weight lost. Our maintenance program is designed to help you do just that. Our nurses continue to guide you towards those intensive lifestyle interventions of eating the right foods, exercising, and all the other healthy habits we teach you to do to empower you to maintain your weight. Plus, you get that burst of energy from the LipoShots that help keep you on track.

Whatever your weight loss goals, if you want to get serious about losing the weight, we can help. Call us today to start your journey at 817-399-8783