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Heart Health Treatment Dallas

Do you want to help preserve the health of your heart? There are many actions that you can do that can help you keep that healthy heart so you can enjoy a longer and more active life. You can help prevent some of the degenerative problems that can occur that can cause you to lose your heart health.

Start with exercising regularly every day. This includes not only cardio but also strength exercises. Results from the Framingham study have shown that walking for just one hour a day can increase your life expectancy two years. Walking or other regular exercise activities not only are good for your heart, but also your brain, your muscles and your bones. You should make it a part of your daily life routine.

Eating a good well balanced diet with emphasis on more fruits and vegetables is also cardioprotective. Embracing a Mediterranean style diet can increase the health of your heart significantly. Reducing excess red meat consumption, fatty foods and unhealthy snacks can also help.

Losing weight is also extremely important, and you can reduce your risks of developing heart problems almost a third by maintaining a normal weight. If you are having problems losing weight, we have a great option for you called the HCG True Diet. Learn about this fascinating concept on our website.

Maintaining adequate hormone levels throughout your life has been shown to improve heart health. Studies have shown around a 33% decreased risk of heart disease when hormone therapy, particularly bioidentical hormone therapy is embraced.

Heart Disease Prevention/treatment at a Glance

Exercise, cardio
Increases heart, brain, bone and muscle health
Weight bearing exercise
Stimulates increased muscle growth and health
Aerobic exercise
Improves heart health and endurance
Well Balanced diet
High fruits and vegetable diet helps improve heart health
Lipid therapy
Lowering lipids, e.g. cholesterol, improves heart health
Estrogen and Testosterone hormones
Decrease the risk of heart disease over time
Omegas and Vitamins
Adequate intake improves heart health

There are medical therapies that also can help decrease your risks of developing heart problems. These include therapies to reduce the lipids in your blood. If you would like an Evaluation of your heart health and desire preventive treatments to help preserve your heart health, make an appointment with Dr. True today. He has been treating these problems for over 30 years and can do the same for you. Call him at 817-399-8783.

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