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Heart Disease Prevention Dallas

The old saying, “Prevention is the best medicine”, persists and is pertinent today more than ever. If you desire options to help prevent heart problems and other medically disabling problems, we have a plan for you. There are many pathways that you can travel and all roads lead to helping you become a healthier person, not only for your heart but also for every other organ in your body.

Heart Disease Prevention at a Glance

Exercise, cardio
Increases heart, brain, bone and muscle health
Weight bearing exercise
Stimulates increased muscle growth and health
Well Balanced diet
High fiber, fruits and vegetable diet helps improve your health
Lipid therapy
Lowering lipids, e.g. cholesterol, improves heart health
Proper hormone therapy
Decreases the risk of heart, brain and bone problems over time
Omegas and Vitamins
Adequate intake improves heart and brain health

First start with exercising regularly, every day if possible. You should not only do cardio exercise but also strength improving exercises. All studies, including the famous Framingham study have shown that exercising regularly can improve your heart health and body health status. This means that there is less chance of developing a heart attack. You live longer and live with better energy and vitality. Regular exercise should be at least 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise done at least three or more times a week. You’ll feel more alive, and you’ll be able to do more too.

Next, you should eat a good well balanced nutritious diet with emphasis on more fruits and vegetables and less meat. This type of diet is considered cardio protective, i.e. it helps protect your heart from developing problems. A diet high in fiber is also important, as is ingesting healthier oils such as omegas 3 fatty acids. Fish oils and olive oil have high concentrations of these omega 3 oils. Avoid high saturated fat foods, such as margarine. If you must have oils, use less liquid vegetable oils and more coconut oil. Embracing a Mediterranean style diet can also increase the health of your heart significantly.

If you are overweight, and especially if you are obese, the message is very clear: LOSE THE EXTRA WEIGHT. This is extremely important. You can reduce your risks of developing heart problems, cancers, diabetes, orthopedic disorders and multiple other debilitating problems almost by a third simply by losing the extra weight and maintaining a normal weight. If you are having problems losing weight, our The True Diet is a great option. Learn about these on our websites.

There are medical therapies that also can help decrease your risks of developing heart problems. These include therapies to reduce the lipids in your blood and proper hormonal balance. We encourage more natural means of lowering lipids, including supplements such as niacin, phytosterols, high dose omega 3 free fatty acids, Bergamet (from citrus fruits), and many more. Bergamet alone had been shown to decrease lipids by almost a third.

Sometimes cholesterol and triglyceride levels are very high, and in these situations statin drugs may be indicated. There are many ways to decrease your risk for developing heart disease and we empower women with these tools to help them live happier and longer.

If you would like further help to preserve your heart health, make an appointment with Dr. True today at 817-399-8783.

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