Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy Dallas
Feel Young and Energetic

Nobody wants to be bed-ridden and dependent in life. However, with age, you face health problems and medical complications that often make you lethargic and you seem to lose interest in doing even the routine activities, which leads to poor quality of life.
Hormone Replacement Therapy can completely change your life leading you towards a healthier, happier life with quality. 

Benefits of HRT

The hormone levels significantly drop as a person age making the person feel fatigued, irritated and low on energy. Hormone Replacement Therapy provides the body with the hormones it no longer secretes or secretes in low levels, to balance those hormones and relieve you of the hormone deficiencies making you feel more energetic and active. 

Hormone Therapy for Women

As a woman goes through peri-menopause and menopause, her body stops producing estrogen and progesterone which causes menopausal and vaginal symptoms. Hormone Therapy replenishes her body with these deficient hormones and benefit by 
1. Relieving the menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats 
2. Easing vaginal discomfort caused due to dryness, itching and burning 
3. Easy and less painful intercourse 
4. Better, undisturbed and uninterrupted sleep 
5. Reducing the risks of colon cancer, heart diseases and osteoporosis 
6. Relieving fatigue and stress and making you feel more energetic 
7. Fighting age-related symptoms to make you look and feel younger 

Hormone Therapy for Men

Testosterone plays a key role in the male body in developing masculine characteristics. However, the levels of these hormones drop after adulthood making the body hormone deficient. Hormone Replacement Therapy increases these levels and benefits by
1. Relieving the andropause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings
2. Building healthy muscles
3. Maintaining healthy heart and blood levels, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases
4. Increased bone density and prevention from fractures and osteoporosis
5. Improved sex drive and libido
6. Maintaining healthy levels of red blood cells
7. Improved and better memory 


Diseases that Can be Prevented with HRT

HRT can markedly improve your quality of life and help protect you from the risks of many debilitating diseases such as
1. Heart Diseases
2. Cancers
3. Alzheimer’s Disease
4. Bone Degradation and Osteoporosis
5. Diabetes 



Bioidentical Hormones are hormones that are derived from plant estrogens and have the same chemical composition as the hormones naturally produced by the body. These hormones can be custom-compounded meaning it shall be made using only those hormones in precise quantities that are required by your body. This way your body gets just what it requires, nothing less, nothing more. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been very beneficial for people suffering from hormone deficiencies and imbalances. Many people have been able to reenergize themselves and feel better and younger after they started with the therapy. Although, there have been researches showing that the therapy may increase risks of cancers and certain diseases of veins, blood vessels, and liver, but these side-effects are rare. If the hormones are administered correctly into the body in a precise proportion, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Every treatment has some risks associated with it, but that should be no reason to consider it unsafe.
The therapy is safe and extremely beneficial in improving your quality of life. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to provide your body with the hormones that are in low levels in the body to relieve you of hormone deficiency and imbalance. These hormones are available in form of creams, gels, patches, pills, and pellets. You apply the creams, gels, or patches on your shoulders or abdomen through which the body absorbs the hormones. You can take the pills orally or use pellets that are inserted into your body through hip region. These pills and pellets release the hormones into your body replenishing your hormone levels and reenergizing you. 

There is no prescribed time limit on how long you should continue with it. However, taking it for a very short period of time may increase risks of ovarian cancer. It is usually recommended that you continue with the therapy for 3-5years. 

There are chances that your symptoms will return, and they may or may not be as severe as they were in the initial phase before you started with the therapy. If you decide to discontinue with the therapy, discuss it with your doctor so that you can stop it at a stable time and remain at minimal to no risk.