New Data, New CDC Guidelines

The CDC has recently revised its estimates regarding the incidence of COVID19. After reevaluating the latest data, it appears that the asymptomatic prevalence of COVID19 is around 33%. This  means that around a third of the time, people acquire the virus yet have no symptoms or minimal symptoms. Since they are not alerted for potential infection, they normally do not get the test for the virus.

If you add these people to the number of people who get symptoms and have a positive test, the number of people acquiring the COVID19 viral infection raises dramatically. The end result is that the fatality rate from COVID19 is actually very low. Now the CDC’s “best estimate” is that 0.4% of people who show symptoms and have COVID 19 will die,[1] or around the same rate as the flu, which is very small indeed.

This is a far cry from what was originally thought from prior studies showing fatality rates in Italy of 7% to 8%. This should place a rather abrupt halt to the “fear factor” that so many people are experiencing regarding COVID 19.

What this means to you

With a fatality rate so small, we can be a  bit less paranoid of this virus. It is probably not as dangerous as originally thought, especially if you are healthy. The people who tend to get the serious form of COVID19 are primarily those who have poor health, such as obese people and those who smokes.

Other studies suggest that even if you are immunocompromised from cancer chemotherapy, the fatal sequelae of COVID 19 are not as common as thought in relatively healthy people. One study in children showed no difference in outcome once COVID affected them vs no COVID. Although in older immunocompromised patients, this is still at around 50% increase, which is still not good, but the numbers are still small as long as one used protective measures.

In addition, the summer months are coming around which means more sun and heat, both of which kill the virus and we are indeed seeing a decrease in number of cases of COVID overall everywhere. For sure, for most people who are healthy, paranoia should not abound. We should relax our fears and get back to our regular social activities, work and life without worrying so much about this virus.

What your next step should be

To give yourself the best health and decrease your risk of developing the fatal sequelae of COVID, your next best step would be to lose any extra weight you may have, eat right, exercise, stop smoking, and treat diabetes and/or heart disease adequately if you have these problems. In other words, get yourself in the best health you can and you’ll most likely do fine even if you get COVID 19.

Almost 99% of the people who die of COVID 19 have one or more of these poor healthy conditions. That means if you maintain a healthy body state, don’t worry so much about acquiring the disease. Enjoy life a bit more and stop being so paranoid about the virus. Such paranoia just increases your anxiety levels and is obviously unnecessary.

How we can help

We offer wellness panels to find out where your potential health concerns lie, and then create plans  and programs for you to improve your health. If you have a weight problem, let’s reduce your weight as much as possible with our successful weight-loss plan, The True Diet. If you want to maintain your healthy weight, we can help you with that too.

If you are prediabetic or have beginning signs of diabetes, hypertension or heart disease and you would like to nip these in the bud early before the changes develop into something more serious, we have systems and recommendations that will help. Early onset of these problems can show up in blood work so the earlier you get tested the more likely you can help prevent problems from happening.

We should get back to work and life

With this low incidence of fatality rate, it is time that we concentrated on opening up our businesses, going back to work, and enjoying our life to the fullest. Social distancing may still need to be the norm, but perhaps the face masks can come off now in general public and we can see people smile again and have expressions.

We are social people and now that we have experienced the concealment of our identities and our social expressions with masks, it is time we unclothed our faces and went back to becoming social embracers and get rid of the anxieties that these actions produce. Remember, the risks of developing a bad problem is similar to those of the flu, and we don’t do masks for the flu because they don’t really prevent you from getting the flu. The same is most likely about the same as for COVID19.

We actually need exposure to boost our immune system

If we can be healthy, we can now think more about another concern that can occur if we hide ourselves in a bubble and always try to prevent us from exposure. Understand that it is necessary for our bodies to be exposed to potential antigens, bacteria, and viruses in order to develop immunities to these. This is especially true for our children.

Think about chicken pox. If you get chicken pox when you’re very young, you hardly have any symptoms, yet you are immune for life. If you get it when you’re older, it can be a potentially deadly disease. The same scenario may be similar to COVID19: young children hardly get any disease, while older adults may get devastating disease.

We need to protect our children and allow them to acquire this immunity, while at the same time protecting those who are older and unhealthy from getting the disease. Helping the latter become healthy is a great goal for all of us to achieve if possible.

All of us need to continue to develop our immune systems as adults. According to the CDC scenario, since 40% of people are asymptomatic, the rest have disease of variable severity, and only around 0.4% die, it’s time we allowed ourselves the opportunity to develop our immunity. Especially if we are healthy. If we’re not, get the weight off, stop smoking, treat diabetes, and heart disease, and get healthy.


In conclusion, the CDC has reevaluated the incidence of fatal cases of COVID19 and has determined that the risk of developing this after acquisition of the virus is very low. This may play a significant factor in determining new public policy. Almost all the severe cases of COVID19 occur in people who are unhealthy; most are either obese, have heart disease or diabetes, or smoke. A few are immunocompromised and most are elderly. For you and all Americans, improving your health is probably the best action you can do to reduce your risk instead of worrying about face masks that probably do very little for your health.


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