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Glycocalyx: Protection of the Linings of Your Arteries

Glycocalyx: Protection of the Linings of Your Arteries

Published on January 26, 2019 by

None of us wants to develop heart disease if we can avoid it. After all, heart disease is the number one killer of humans. Age we age, we’ll all get it, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could delay the onset of it so that we could live a longer healthier life? Science has

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Telomere Length: Extend your Lifespan

Published on October 8, 2014 by

Did you know that you can do something to help you live longer, healthier and with more vitality and stamina? Through research in Anti-Aging medicine, there have been many phenomenal breakthroughs that have the potential to enable you to do all of these. This new exciting research is concentrating on lengthening your telomeres. Telomeres are

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LEARN Anti-Aging Actions

Published on August 18, 2014 by

Learning and embracing concepts that help keep your body healthier and potentially slowing the aging process has never been easier. You can look and feel younger, more energetic, and more beautiful by taking control of your life. If you want a better quality of life but feel you have fallen off the right course, pick

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Boost your Heart Health, Muscle Growth and Athletic Performance

Published on October 23, 2011 by

A single supplement has the power to improve your heart protection, the growth of your muscle and your athletic performance. This supplement is an amino acid called arginine. Our ancestors ate a generous amount of this amino acid arginine. Unfortunately, our modern foods don’t give us enough. Arginine safely delivers a boost of healthy actions

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