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Protection of the Lining of Your Arteries: arterosil supplement

Protection of the Lining of Your Arteries: arterosil supplement

Published on January 26, 2019 by

Arterosil is a dietary supplement that contains rhamnan sulfate, a compound found in green seaweed (monostroma nitidum), which grows in Asia. It helps improve the health of the inside lining of your arteries, called the endothelial glycocalyx. Damage occurs to the endothelial glycocalyx we age from multiple causes, and this damage develops into cardiovascular disease.

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Glycocalyx: Protection of the Linings of Your Arteries

Published on January 26, 2019 by

None of us wants to develop heart disease if we can avoid it. After all, heart disease is the number one killer of humans. Age we age, we’ll all get it, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could delay the onset of it so that we could live a longer healthier life? Science has

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New Study on Hormones: No Difference in Death Rate

Published on March 14, 2015 by

It’s always reassuring to know that taking any medication will not increase your risk of death. Women can now thus be reassured about hormone therapy. A recent study from the Cochrane Foundation has now confirmed that taking hormones does not increase your risk of dying from a number of medical problems. The findings were based

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Is there a link between statin drugs and memory impairment?

Published on August 30, 2014 by

We have been indoctrinated into thinking that elevated cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.[1] Thus, most doctors will prescribe medications that decrease cholesterol, particularly statin medications, which have been shown to be safe in most studies.[2] Thus, if the “bad” cholesterol is very high, this may be a good therapy. However, sometimes a good

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Testosterone and Your Heart

Published on August 15, 2014 by

The number one killer of men (and women) is heart disease. If there is something you can do to improve your heart health, would you do it? You probably have been lectured on the benefits of staying fit, exercising, eating the right foods, losing weight if you’re overweight. All these are very important in helping

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Iodine Deficiency: More than Just a Thyroid Problem

Published on July 20, 2014 by

Most people connect iodine intact with thyroid conditions. Indeed, in order to make thyroid hormone, you must have an adequate amount of iodine in your body. However, iodine does much more. Iodine deficiency is linked to fatigue, breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease and psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, there is a growing

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The New Vitamin E: Gamma Tocopherol Improves Health

Published on January 14, 2011 by

The beneficial effects of Vitamin E have bounced back and forth over the years. Lately, new data is emerging suggesting that it actually can be very beneficial. The key may be in ingesting the right forms of the vitamin and inadequate amounts. Vitamin E is present in many foods in several forms. The most common

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