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How Hormones Can Affect Your Memory

How Hormones Can Affect Your Memory

Published on December 27, 2018 by

Many of my patients complain of problems remembering things. This can be caused by many things. But you can improve your memory many ways. Certainly, using your brain regularly, i.e. reading, doing puzzles, learning a new language, etc. does help. As they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Plus you need to

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Significance and role of oestrogen in women

Published on November 16, 2013 by

Oestregen (also spelled Estrogen) is a group of compounds, that act as the primary female sex hormone. The name oestrogen is derived from ‘oistros’ meaning the fertility period of female and ‘gonos’ means to generate.Natural oestrogens are steroid hormones. The main function of Oestrogen is to mantain and regulate menstruation cycle and oestrous or reproductive

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Acne, the Causes

Published on December 5, 2008 by

Acne affects almost everyone, but especially adolescents. More than 90% of all adolescents, nearly 50% of all adult women and 25% of all adults suffer from this problem. It is one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world. There are ways to help this problem to help your face and skin. The most

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