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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: The ARIC study

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: The ARIC study

Published on December 26, 2018 by

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the most feared chronic medical problems that we may face as we get older. Not being able to remember things, even simple things, or other people is disappointing to everyone, including the loved ones that the AD patient has known for years. This is stressful and frustrating to both

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Preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Published on October 10, 2015 by

Nobody wants to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as they age. But everyone can be proactive and prevent these debilitating medical conditions from happening. If you want to decrease your risks of losing brain power, here’s our advice and recommendations listed according to how you can LEARN to stay young. Lose weight and eat right

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Vitamin D Reduces the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Published on October 11, 2014 by

Researchers from the U.K. reported in a recent article in the periodical Neurology[1] that high levels of Vitamin D reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This provides more evidence to recommend taking extra vitamin D as an anti-aging (preventive) medicine action. You should get your blood levels over 50 nmol/L. Doing so

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