Why The True Diet Works so Well

Why The True Diet Works so Well

Published on September 9, 2017 by

Losing weight is a complex multifactorial process that must take into consideration eating correctly, changing your metabolism, keeping active, and multiple other concepts. Our diet program, The True Diet, which includes the HCG True Diet and the True Trim for Life programs, were designed to help you learn how to incorporate all these concepts into

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How Often Can You Do the HCG True Diet?

Published on November 8, 2015 by

Many patients ask this question and the answer is simple: as many as you need to lose weight to a health weight. Our HCG True Diet helps change your metabolism to force your body to use your fat calories for fuel. The principle is based on the use of HCG which is the pregnancy hormone.

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Keep “PACE” with Your Health

Published on January 10, 2015 by

Exercising has always been an essential part of a lifetime of healthy living. If you embrace a healthy lifestyle, studies have shown an up to 80% reduced risk of developing degenerative medical conditions [1] and incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle plays a major part. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t exercise enough, and there is always

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Preventing Dementia and Neurological Disease

Published on September 7, 2014 by

Nobody wants to develop Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or any other brain degenerative disease as we grow older. Of course, you want to grow older, but you want to grow older with good brain function. If there is something you can do to prevent these from happening, would you do them? And there are

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ACC/AHA Release New Guidelines: Confirm The True Diet Program

Published on November 15, 2013 by

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) recently released new guidelines on the management of overweight and obesity in adults. These guidelines very closely parallel the program The True Diet (TTD), created by Dr. Robert True. Here are some of the highlights of these ACC/AHA guidelines. Identify adults who may

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Cinnamon to Help You Lose Weight

Published on November 7, 2013 by

Who would have thought that something so tasty and spicy could help you lose weight Burning off some of those carbs and sugar calories, especially around the holidays, especially around the holidays, can be difficult. To lose weight, your body must do this very efficiently and effectively. Cinnamon can help you keep your blood sugar

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Nutritional Aids – For Longer and Healthier Life

Published on May 11, 2013 by

This month, Dr. Robert True held a seminar on nutritional aids and supplements to improve your health and potentially to increase your lifespan. Everyone wants to know, “What type of vitamins and supplements should I take?” Well, here’s a good start. You should indeed practice “Anti-Aging” actions. These are actions you can do today to

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Anti-Aging Seminar: Weight Loss to Live Healthier and Longer

Published on January 11, 2013 by

Last night, Dr. True gave the first lecture of a five part series on Anti-Aging: how losing weight can help you live healthier and longer. The concept of anti-aging is there are actions that we all can do to decrease the risks of developing degenerative medical problems that can make us age prematurely. One major

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Bariatric Surgery – a Weight Loss Surgery

Published on October 29, 2012 by

The term bariatric surgery stands for a set of different surgeries any one of which may help obese people to lose weight. The surgery has been recognized to have improved the quality of life and even to have saved lives of many obese people suffering from serious diseases due to obesity. But not all obese

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LipoShot Energy Booster & Fat Reducer

Published on March 21, 2012 by

The LipoShot is a combination of all natural ingredients designed to burn fat and increase energy. It combines “lipotropic” co-enzymes, amino acids and a fat metabolizing mineral to allow the liver to metabolize fat for elimination. When combined with a weight reducing diet and exercise program, it can help you lose excess weight. The LipoShot

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