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True Wellness Concepts

TrueMD’s goal is to provide the ultimate in wellness guidance to help you achieve a better quality of life as you grow older. The concepts of TrueMD for wellness is based on starting early in life and acting every day in ways that help prevent you from getting chronic medical problems that may occur as you grow older.

Chronic medical problems include diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. These conditions are the top reasons why we die as we age. Some people think these are all inevitable problems that occur as we get old. They think there is little anyone can do to prevent these chronic medical illnesses from zapping us of our health.

If you plan ahead and take care of your body, you will be able to enjoy your life to its fullest. An ounce of prevention is indeed worth more than a pound of cure. Thus, TrueMD provides programs that are backed by extensive research showing the benefits of its many concepts that complement and support each other in an attempt to help you live a better life with quality and perhaps even live a longer life.

We all want to be active as we get older, we want to have a sharp mind and a body that helps us get around to see and enjoy this big beautiful world around us. Tourism is booming and millions of people are traveling to see all the wonders of this world. Or just live long enough to enjoy your grandchildren. The key is to keep our health so we can enjoy it to the max. If you embrace all the concepts of TrueMD Wellness, we believe you have the best opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest.

Wellness Concepts: The “S’s”

There are two categories of bioactive substances that can help improve your energy, your mojo, your mind, your body’s fitness, your health, and your quality of life, plus much more. They are:

  1. Supplements – many bioactive supplements may improve your health, your looks, and your life by helping protect you from developing many chronic medical problems and much more.
  2. Signaling Biocompounds – Peptides and Exosomes are compounds that signal improved health to your body in many ways.
Universal Lifestyle Concepts

There are six main universal Lifestyle Concepts that have been proven to help improve your health and quality of life. I call then the Six Lifestyle “S’s”:

  1. Stop smoking – any type of smoking (or doing drugs) will damage your internal organs and lead to poor health of your body. Cigarettes are particularly bad so discontinue these now.
  2. Stay active – moving actively or exercising daily is extremely important to keep you moving and helping you enjoy an active and long life.
  3. Sleep adequately – sleep helps you regenerate your cells, including your neurotransmitters in your brain and the pigments in your eyes so you can think and see better through the day.
  4. Stress reduction – reducing or managing stress in your life may decrease the stress-induced inflammation and destruction within your body that can occur from chronic stress
  5. Social interactions – maintain a good social life with friends and family; enjoy going out with people or just visiting in your house and enjoying a glass of wine together.
  6. Sex – maintain a good and long sex life; studies have shown those who enjoy a good sex life as they get older tend to increase their longevity and improve their relationships over time.
Symbiotic relationships

Each part of TrueMD wellness complements one another and symptoms can overlap. Start with True Hormone Pellet Therapy. When your hormones are low, your motivation to stay active and fit also lessens. Social life, and sexual desire and performance also tend to go down too. Sleep disturbances are common. Replenishing hormone levels usually helps improve these and many other problems.

We see the same scenarios when you’re overweight, and especially if you’re obese. When you’re overweight, you tend to be stressed more and less active in both exercise activities and in your sexual life. You may become less social due to many reasons and may suffer from sleep disturbances due to a higher risk of sleep apnea. You can lose weight through True MD Weight-Loss.

Many nutritional bioactive supplements can assist in relieving symptoms and protecting your body from age-related changes. Keeping powerhouses of each cell in your body fueled to work at peak efficiency is vital. Maintaining arterial, heart, brain, eye, and bone health are all necessary. Improving sleep and taming stress may all be helped with certain nutritional aids. When you feel good, you’re more likely to be more social. Many compounds may improve sexual experiences. TrueMD recommends embracing the benefits of many supplements and biocompounds that may fulfill these concepts.

Thus, maintaining your quality of life and your health is multifactorial. Doing the TrueMD Wellness program hits the majority of preventive actions that you can do to give yourself the gift of health. If you were given a choice of health or wealth, which would you choose. We at TrueMD believe that health is more important. You improve your body, mind, energy and sex life; you decrease your risk of developing many chronic medical diseases that can rob you of your ability to stay active; and improves your chances to live a long and prosperous life.

Call your TrueMD doctor today to get started on your pathway to health, tailored for your specific needs. TrueMD physicians receive extensive training on how you can incorporate all the many concepts of wellness into your life.

FAQ’s about True Wellness Concepts

The main chronic medical conditions that we can act to prevent are heart disease, osteoporosis, cancers, diabetes, and neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There is now very good evidence that maintaining hormone levels early, that maintaining your weight early in life, that doing all the six S’s early in life can decrease your risk of developing all these conditions so you can live a more active life.

Heart Disease

Age-related debilitating degenerative heart disease kill millions of people every year. Heart disease prevents many from enjoying a longer life. Without a healthy heart, your risk of development of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease increases, which can lead to heart attacks, resulting in either debilitated health if you survive, or death. We can show you options to evaluating and improving your heart health.


Cancers are life-stealing diseases that can prematurely shorten your life and reduce the quality of your remaining life after diagnosis. If you could decrease your risks of developing cancer, would you? We can show you actions you can take that are backed by research demonstrating their ability to reduce your risks of developing many cancers. Instead of dying early, going in and out of hospitals for chemotherapy or radiation, suffering from the painful effects of tumors for years, you can start now and help protect your body from cancers. You can enjoy a longer and more fulfilling life. You may not have to undergo all the expensive and life-zapping therapies needed for treatments of cancer and its consequences.

Alzheimer’s disease

Changes that occur in your brain that lead to Alzheimer’s disease begin almost 20 to 30 years before you see symptoms. You may have the misconception that developing dementia is a given; just a natural normal part of aging and there is nothing that you can do to prevent them. This is a common myth, and nothing could be farther from the truth. There are actions that you can do that have been shown to reduce your risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease, but you must start early. Prevention is key. Once you get Alzheimer’s disease, there’s not much you can do to reverse the process.


This chronic debilitating disease can produce damage to every organ system in your body through development of microvascular disease. Each little artery and capillary can become inflamed and reduce nutrients to every organ, which can result in damages. If you get diabetes, retinal and kidney damage can occur. The chances of you getting Alzheimer’s disease by over three-fold. Unfortunately, once you get any of these sequelae of diabetes, your life goes down the tubes. Many people have witnessed this with their older relatives or friends. The best you can do is take action early and make a choice to protect yourself from getting diabetes. Losing weight and eating the right diet can help tremendously.


Degradation of your bones generally occurs as you grow older. This natural destruction of your bones occurs due to many reasons. The result is hunch-back spines and easy fractures of your bones including hip fractures, which can be very debilitating and may even cause death. However, this condition can be prevented in many patients. Hormone therapy, exercise, and supplements can go a long way to helping prevent osteoporosis.

General supplements that everyone should start taking early pertain to maintaining adequate vitamin levels, boosting energy production and decreasing inflammation. A good multivitamin containing higher amounts of vitamins and minerals is recommended rather than a regular one a day cheap vitamin. Buy the best quality you can to give you the best chance at getting healthier starting early in your life.

We want to maintain our energy levels and CoQ10 is one of the compounds that is necessary for energy production. Our energy system, which produces the ATP to fuel every part of our energy needs, requires a lot of CoQ10. Unfortunately, our CoQ10 levels tend to fall naturally as we get older, and certain chronic medications, e.g. statins, tend to reduce levels of CoQ10. Thus, taking a supplement of CoQ10 could help maintain and support adequate levels as we grow older.

Every one of us should get our Vitamin D level checked and make sure that we maintain levels of vitamin D greater than 60 nmol/L by taking extra Vitamin D. Studies have demonstrated that such higher levels of vitamin D have been associated with reduced risks of developing heart disease, cancers, bone disease and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Thus, it’s very important to maintain adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Along with taking Vitamin D, another vitamin that complements it is Vitamin K. Vitamin K forces the calcium that Vitamin D helps absorb into the bones to maintain better bone integrity and strength. When Vitamin K preferentially forces the calcium to be deposited in the bones, it reduces potential deposition in other organs, such as the arteries and the heart. Indeed, adequate vitamin K has been associated with less heart disease.

We all need to have the best heart and circulatory system we can get. No body organ works well when these are compromised since your arteries bring food and oxygen to them. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. If we can reduce the risk of developing problems with the heart and the blood vessels that feed it and every organ system, we may all live a longer and more active life.

We start with maintaining the health and function of all blood vessels. The inside lining of every artery lined by a mosaic one-layer of cells called the endothelium. It is responsible for the easy transporting of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, including the heart, and thus must be in tip-top shape. Of course, if it’s nourished well with perfused blood, its health is better.

Thus, it is imperative to have a healthy endothelium and there are certain supplements that have been shown to improve the health and integrity of the endothelium. These include anti-inflammatory compounds such as curcumin[1], green tea[2], resveratrol[3]. [4], and quercetin[5]; and high potency extracts of blue berry[6] and pomegranate[7]. Protecting the endothelial health of all your blood vessels thus enables them to function better and restore adequate nutrients and oxygen to all areas.

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Another supplement very important for heart health is Omega 3 free fatty acids. The most researched are the omega 3’s from fish oils. Studies have shown a significant decrease in the risks of developing heart disease when these are taken as supplements in adequate dosing for a long time.[1] The higher the level of omega 3’s in the blood, the lower the risk of developing heart disease.[2]

The dose should be at least around 850 mg taken twice a day. However, taking even more may be even more beneficial, such as taking two capsules of 850 mg each twice to three times a day. The latter doses are recommended for patients with heart and neurological issues for sure.

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Inflammation plays a significant role in the development of chronic medical diseases, and thus aging. In fact, it has been said that all chronic medical illnesses are caused by excess inflammation in the body.  Supplements that decrease inflammation are also the same ones that are used to protect the linings of all blood vessels. These are curcumin[1], green tea[2], resveratrol[3], quercetin[4], and extracts of blueberries[5] and pomegranates[6].

These same supplements also are antioxidants and may protect some of the damage that may occur within our cells as we age from free radical formation. Formation of these free radicals, particularly in the energy producing mitochondria of our cells, tend to damage cell walls and DNA within the cells, which can result in poor function of the cells and potentially lead to many chronic medical conditions.

DHEA is another supplement that provides anti-inflammatory actions, but also has a lot of other actions that are beneficial for your health.[7] It helps support the health of almost all your organ systems. It improves endothelial function, reduces inflammation; improves memory, physical strength, and sexual function. Higher levels have been associated with longevity.[8]

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Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that none of us want to have. We all want to live to be a ripe old age but want to do it with an intact brain so we can think sharp. Unfortunately, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can happen, but there are many things we can do to protect our brains from developing these; they are not inevitable.

First, exercise regularly and vigorously every day for 20 to 30 minutes a day is very important. Focus is on reducing cardiovascular disease.[1] Next, lose weight and eat right, and the best diet is a keto-medi diet like what we recommend with our TrueMD programs. In fact, staying in ketosis (fat-burning as opposed to carb-burning metabolism) has been shown to decrease risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease.[2]

You want to maintain good circulation to the brain and decrease inflammation of the brain, thus all the above supplements for the heart, for circulation, and for inflammation are needed. These include curcumin, green tea and omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA.[3]

Energy formation goes down with Alzheimer’s, so boosting energy production is a must. Thus, all vitamins and CoQ10 are needed to give you the best results. Caffeine and Gingko have also been shown to help. High dose Vitamin D has been associated with reduced risks of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.[4]

There are other supplements which have been shown to help support the brain and decrease risks of developing neurodegenerative diseases. These include Ashwagandha[5], Cat’s Claw[6], Resveratrol[7], and Bacopa.[8]

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There are indeed several compounds that can improve the health of the eyes, as demonstrated in multiple different studies. Vision and colors are produced within the eyes when we have healthy lenses, adequate pigmentations in the retina of the eyes, and clear pathways within the eyes to allow the passage of light and allow us to see things adequately.

Anthocyanins, as found in blueberries, pomegranates and red wine, are pigmented compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects to prevent damage to the eyes as we grow older. Other pigment compounds beneficial to the eye are lutein, beta-carotene (vitamin A, e.g. from the orange pigment as in carrots), zeaxanthin and astaxanthin, and one should have adequate levels of these for prevention of age-related problems, such as macular degeneration[1]. Zeaxanthins are contained in the pigmentations of certain flowers, such a Marigolds.

A large study called AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study) found significant eye protection from macular degeneration and other age-related eye disorders by ingestion of a mixture of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Their daily recommendations were Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc and copper. Such a regimen reduced eye disease by 25%.[2]

Further help was seen when omega 3 FA’s, lutein and zeaxanthin compounds were added.[3]

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Gut health has been a hot topic for years. If you have a healthy GI tract, you most likely can reduce your risks of developing inflammation of the body, and inflammation increases your risks of developing age-related diseases. In fact, many people believe these problems stem from problems in the gut.[1]

To have a healthy gut, you must first make sure the walls of the gut are healthy so they can contain the “junk” within their lumens while allowing passage of nutrients into your blood circulation. However, if the integrity fails, leakage can occur, a condition we call “leaky gut”, and this can result in that unwanted inflammation within the gut that can spread throughout your body and result in chronic medical illnesses.[2]

To maintain good gut wall health, high dose glutamine is necessary. Glutamine is an amino acid that sticks together the cells that line the lumen of the gut. When this bond becomes loose, that is when leaky gut may occur.

Next you must maintain a healthy milieu of bacteria within the GI tract. We have more bacterial cells within our GI tract than we have human cells in our body. They do a myriad of functions, from creating vitamins for us to helping break down the fat we eat. They work in symbiosis with our bodies to make our bodies healthier, while they live better too. However, you need a good mix of bacteria. Taking probiotics may help maintain that good mix and decrease the development of chronic medical conditions.[3]

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Different cancers are caused by different mechanisms of actions; thus, it is difficult to find anything that is an all-inclusive protective. However, cancers are similar in many ways. Their DNA has changed, or mutated, from the normal healthy DNA of a normal cell. These changes tell the cells to do several behaviors indicative of most cancers.

First, cancers cells reproduce rapidly and don’t stop as happens with normal cells. Second, cancer cells induce formation of blood vessels to keep them feed, a process we call angiogenesis. Third, cancer cells tend to metastasize, i.e. go all over the body, if left untreated for a long time.

There are certain supplements that have been shown to help decrease some of these functions of cancer cells. These include curcumin, green tea, and certain mushrooms when given in adequate doses.

Other mechanisms of action involve hormone sensitive cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. Certain compounds from cruciferous vegetables also appear to help. These compounds are called DIM (diindolyle methane) and I3c (Indole 3 carbinol). They are the ones that appear to have the best effect to potentially protect the cells from these cancers.[1]  Other supplements such as curcumin[2] have also been shown to provide protection through alternative pathways, such as decrease in inflammation.

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Obviously, you need good strong bones to support your body. Strengthening the integrity of your bones is therefore important, and certain supplements have been shown to support the health of your bones. These include calcium, magnesium, boron and silicon. You want to take just the right amounts, not too much and not too little.

One thing for sure, you don’t want to develop osteoporosis if you can avoid it. Osteoporosis is the degradation of your bones that may occur naturally as you get older. However, most of the time it doesn’t necessarily have to happen. There are things that you can do to prevent development of this crippling disease.

Essentially all the three aspects of TrueMD contribute to stronger bones and less chance of osteoporosis development. Taking hormones help immensely, but you must start early and do them correctly for the best results. Losing weight helps decrease orthopedic problems, including arthritis. Doing the six S’s also helps, especially staying active.

Peptides are signaling compounds made from amino acids. Different bioactive peptides can improve your skin, your hair, and your libido. Some may boost your energy level, improve your muscle mass, help your sleep, clear your mind, and essentially help you feel good again. Many help heal inflamed joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons while relieving pain. Certain ones improve your immune status, decrease inflammation, and may improve many autoimmune diseases.

Peptides are usually injected into your skin and over time can provide benefits that can help you age better. They may potentially help your chronic medical diseases too. All these actions are provided via the many actions of different peptides by telling your cells to do certain actions that can change the way they function for the better. Find out more about the many things that peptides can do for you on our series of information pages on Peptides.

Exosomes are secreted by certain stem cells and, when administered into the body, essentially signal  stem cells to do certain healthy actions that results in replenishing and/or repairing existing cells that may be old and not efficient or damaged from the wear and tear of life. They offer a new way to improve your health. For further information, go to our Exosome information pages.


All these options are considered nutritional products or experimental compounds by the FDA and may not have been evaluated by the FDA for their use and safety. Because the FDA has not made a final statement regarding them, they are considered to be not approved for use by the FDA for medical conditions. None can therefore say that it is for prevention, cure, treatment, or diagnosis of a medical disease.

Although these compounds cannot advertise that they are for medical conditions by this FDA ban, research is continuing and has shown remarkable results for improving your health in many ways. We at TrueMD want to make sure you have received at least some of this research in our blogs and our other media so that you can make an informed decision whether you want to embrace them or not.

We at TrueMD feel you should do everything you can to decrease your risks of developing chronic age-related medical conditions as you grow older. In addition, you want to be more energetic, have a more fit body, think with a clearer mind, have a better sex life and general a better quality of life. As long as they don’t hurt you, why not embrace them, as long as risks and benefits are weighed. We have created our programs and products with your safety first so you could embrace all you can do to improve and/or maintain your good health and wellness.


The concepts of TrueMD programs are proprietary protocols. These protocols and the use of any compounds used during the programs have not been evaluated by the FDA, thus they are not approved programs by the FDA. They are considered off-label programs. Therefore, the protocols and many of the products administered are not covered under regular medical health insurance.

Stay Active as You Age with Quality

We all want to get older, but we want to be active and have an intact mind as we age. Getting older is inevitable. But feeling older and acting old is a choice, and it is most dependent on your health. The healthier you are, the easier it is to choose the path to happiness.

TrueMD has the concepts and products that can help you live with better quality over time. If you want to get started on this journey, find a TrueMD doctor near you. Get on hormone pellet therapy if your hormone tank is low. Lose weight if overweight and eat right. Take supplements and embrace the concepts of the Six S’s. Possibly utilize Peptides or Exosomes. Doing all these actions will help give you your best chance toward an active long life with quality.


There are a plethora of studies supporting the many health-improving options of TrueMD, including the use of supplements and biocompounds. We have shared some of these to support  the use of them for improving health. Use of any of these is under the discretion and evaluation by each individual person to determine if they are good for his/her health.

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