What You Can Do if You Get the Corona Virus

The Chinese experience has suggested that there are potentially 10 modifiable actions that you can do to help you fight the infection. These have not been verified as being effective, but the Chinese feel these actions work. They are relatively safe things you can do, so it’s advisable to do them, whether you are trying to prevent the disease or you see signs of the viral illness.

  1. Drink lots of hot liquids: These can include beverages such as coffee, teas, hot soups, warm water, etc. Consider taking sips of these every 20 minutes if you have symptoms of the disease. Doing so may regularly wash any virus particles that may be in your mouth down into your stomach where the acid in the stomach gastric juices can neutralize (kill) the virus. Transmission of the virus through the mouth is probably the most common route.
  2. Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water. Consider using a mixture of half a lemon, ½ to 1 teaspoon of vinegar or salt in a glass of warm water.
  3. Wash your hands regular, and thoroughly, especially after touching surfaces that may have been contaminated with the virus. As a general rule, that could be anybody’s hands, mouth, or even inanimate surfaces. Wash with any soap that produces a foam, and wash for 20 seconds.
  4. Shower with soap and hot/warm water every day. Every morning is fine, but ideally, when you get home after being on the street or outside your house, you should avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to take a shower immediately after you get home with lots of soap and water.
  5. Wash your clothes daily. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in direct sunlight which also neutralizes the virus.
  6. Wash all surfaces regularly, especially metallic surfaces. The virus may remain viable on metallic surfaces for up to 9 days. If you touch these in a public area, wash your hands with soap and water and don’t touch you face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth. Regularly clean handles, rails and door handles in your house. Note that anti-bacterial solutions will not work. This is not a bacterium; it is a virus. You must use a dilute solution of Clorox. In 1 liter of water (around one quart), add 10 cc (around 1/3rd ounce or 2 teaspoonfuls) of bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite), or a 1:100 bleach:water solution.[5] Use a sprayer bottle and let it sit for a few minutes before you wipe it off.
  7. Don’t smoke! This really decreases your immune system and ruins your lungs making it easier for the virus to produce its nasty and deadly effects on your lungs. Smoking is a death wish, not only for this virus, but for other causes of death.
  8. Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit. These have many immune-boosting ingredients that improve your bodies’ ability to fight off infections. Mix them, and do lots of colors, not just green, but red, yellow, and purple.
  9. Avoid getting the flu or a bad cold. This increases your risks of lung inflammation before you even get the virus. How do you avoid these? We recommend you decrease any type of severe temperature shifts or other stress on your body. When temperatures go down (or up) rapidly, this can reduce your resistance. The viruses that you’ve already been exposed to may be in your body already, but you don’t have symptoms because your good immune system fights them back. However, when your resistance is low, i.e. your immune system is shocked from the stresses and its efficiency is not so good, these viruses lurking within you tend to multiply rapidly because your weakened immune system can’t fight them off, so you get the colds and viral conditions even though you can’t even remember being exposed to anyone with them. Thus, keep your immune system maxed up by avoiding stresses, including large temperature shifts and other stresses to your body.
  10. If you feel symptoms of viral infections, attack it immediately. If you have a sore throat or raspy throat, use the above methods to reduce the potential viral load into your lungs. The virus can enter your body primarily through your mouth, and it appears to stay in your mouth for 3-4 days before it passes into your lungs. Thus, the warm water sips regularly and the antiseptic gargles are good things to do to avoid you getting a severe case of the coronavirus. Avoid cold drinks, especially cold sugary drinks.

Other Actions You Can Do

We also recommend that you take supplements that are immune boosters. Boosting your immune system to more efficient levels may enable you to fight off the virus better. These supplements include Zinc, vitamin C, curcumin, resveratrol, green tea extract, quercetin, and omega 3 fish oils. These may all boost your immune system. Make sure you maintain high levels of vitamin D, so take around 5,000 u per day. Note that we have all these great quality products at our office at the correct dose if you would like to purchase them from us.

Along with these products are peptides that boost your immunity. These are nature’s natural signaling compounds that tell the cells of your body to be more efficient. In the case of the peptides for the coronavirus, called the Thymosin’s, they activate your immune cells to be more active against invaders to your body, such as viruses, including the corona virus. Read more about these on this blog.

Another option for protection is to prescribe two medications: Hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine) and azithromycin for around 5 days if you get the symptoms of the viral condition (noted above). Presently, the lab test for the coronavirus takes around 5 days to come back. In the meantime, you may become quite ill. This combination may decrease the severity of the viral illness through multiple pathways and has been shown to work anecdotally. You would essentially start and finish the course of treatment before you would even know if the coronavirus lab test was positive or negative. If you waited for the test, the severity of the illness could become much worse.

We offer office visits and telemedicine visits/consults to discuss these options. There are side effects from these medications that must be discussed before prescribing them and we need to see if you are a candidate for use of them. If you’re interested, call use to book a consultation. Understand that all these options are not approved treatments by the FDA. Per FDA requirements, we must tell you that the statements we use for usage of supplements, or any modalities not approved by the FDA, are not intended to say they prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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